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Jun 20, 2012 07:53 PM

Driving from Northern Nj to Brookline, Ma. Dinner on the way?


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  1. What route are you taking? What time to want to stop? Where do you think you will be at that time? This would all be helpful information for us to find you a good spot for dinner. Thanks!

    1. So, I just found your post on the Boston board which narrows things down a lot. I agree with the BBQ suggestion in Sturbridge - great place. It may be too far though, as you asked for Northern CT or Western Mass. Sturbridge is in Central Mass, though it IS right off 84, which is probably the route you are taking. So maybe that was what you meant after all. If so, BBQ is by far your best option in that part of MA; don't know about CT, though.

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          Went to Lucky Lou's. Food was very good, modern and inventive. Dessert failed, they were out of sorbet at 8:30 pm Around Me app found Carnival Cones, which now appeared to be a Dunkin Donuts. Someone open an ice cream shop!

          Thanks for the rec. Would go back!

          1. re: brookerme

            We also stopped at Lucky Lous. Delicious chicken, asparagus, and leek pot pie. Charming setting. Thanks for the recommendation!