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Jun 20, 2012 07:33 PM

Inexpensive Engagement Party

Hello hounders,

My fiance and I are thinking about throwing a little soiree for our families and close friends to have an opportunity to meet and mingle. We are thinking we will have around 40 people. Would love to keep the price at 60pp or less (that's including tax and service) and while we don't need a full bar, we would like to at least have some wine and beer. We would consider a prix fixe dinner with wine, an apps and cocktail setting, or a brunch party (which would ideally include at least a couple mimosas or bloodys). Open to any area, including outer boroughs as long as they are not too too outer-borough. Would prefer either a private room or just private-ish space. Any help or ideas would be much appreciated!

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  1. Post to the Outer Boroughs board for ideas. I'm not really sure what you could do in Manhattan at that price point, unfortunately.

    1. Varick Room might work, you would pick from choice of caterers. Not good for sit- down dinner though, more cocktail party event. This place Pera looked like a nice space, but you would have to like their menu.

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        brunch at pera looks like a nice idea! their prix fixe looks fun, a little different, and comprehensive. maybe i will pop in to take a look at their space.

      2. Bobo has a very affordable prix-fixe brunch option ($35/p) that is extended to large parties. Plus, you can't beat the romantic space...perfect for an engagement party!

        1. I have no idea if this would be agreeable to you but insofar as Pan's initial comment is likely to be how most people react (and reasonably so) ill try: we had almost 60 people in the downstairs room at Amazing 66 recently, and while it wasnt the most amazing experience ever, our guests enjoyed themselves and it is a great option for a big group on a tight budget.

          With that many folks you could do the downstairs room and have it all to yourselves. We paid 50pp (before tax and tip, though when negotiating menu options we could have specified that we wanted that to include t/t and had a slightly smaller menu).

          For our 50 bucks we got:

          roast pork w mixed appetizers (spring rolls, dumplings, jellyfish salad)

          mixed seafood salt and pepper

          sauteed pea greens with garlic

          abalone w asparagus
          beef short rib stuffed pumpkin

          whole steamed grouper

          roasted chicken w preserved vegetables

          lobsters w noodles

          pastrami shrip fried rice

          they have beer/wine but were totally ok with us bringing in our own.

          Again, not the most beautiful setting, but a fun ny experience if you have people coming from out of town and a very affordable way to go (you could easily keep it under your budget, and have a private space to boot).

          1. Congratulations! Paulie Gee's in Greenpoint could work well for a brunch/lunch event. They rent out the restaurant on Saturday afternoons from 12-4:30 so you would have the whole space to yourselves (they accommodate up to 55 people comfortably). They have packages which includes salad, beer, selected wines, mimosas and pizzas from $50/pp. I looked into this for my recent wedding, but the space was too small for the size of our group.