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Jun 20, 2012 06:45 PM

Had any great salads around town lately?

Craving me a fresh seafood salad..sourdough bread, cup of chowder and a crisp white/anchor steam..besides the Fish O bar.
Roasted beet with goat cheese and a bowl of cold soup..
Cobb with grilled chicken..splash of vinaigrette and bleu cheese or a grilled romaine with homemade caesar..
Cold soup is a great thing too.

Look forward to your wonderful responses!

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  1. Craving the watermelon salad at Solace in Encinitas.

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    1. re: Island

      God. Watermelon Salad. Love it. I had one once at Farmhouse with basil, tomatoes and watermelon and maybe, feta or goat cheese? It was sublime. Love to see it replace crabcakes on half the menus in town for summer.

      1. re: pickypicky

        Roseville had an amazing watermelon salad with a very, very creamy Gorgonzola cheese. It was amazing. I wonder if Chef Amy has reprized it on the menu at The Shores.

        1. re: pickypicky

          Pickypicky Solace had the same ingredients: cubed watermelon, halved cherry tomatoes, crumbled feta, fresh basil...also fresh mint, small diced cucumber, toasted pine nuts, currants, a little arugula, tossed with a light pomegranate vinaigrette. Didn't really taste the pom vinaigrette, but I'm on the hunt for some to try and duplicate this at home. So refreshing.

          1. re: Island

            Always have loved Urban Solace's watermelon salad. Recently had a watermelon salad at Jeremy's in Wynola. It was good but not as good as Urban Solace's with one exception--the chef made the dressing from strawberries--not too sweet but not too much vineagar either.

      2. Salad Style! Downtown on 800 (or maybe 900?) F Street. They have an excellent Cobb.

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        1. re: Dagney

          Rimel's has a great Cobb and Caesar. Green Spot in Sorrento Valley is fairly new and makes a nice variety nice salads.

          1. re: stevuchan

            am eating a salad from Green Spot as we speak. Very good. Like that place a lot

            1. re: stevuchan

              If you like Caesar salads, Romesco's in Bonita serves the original recipe they offer at their sister restaurant in TJ (Caesar's) and Prep Kitchen does a very good job as well.

          2. Mille Fleurs' "Salad of Maine Lobster" is terrific -- especially when enjoyed in their patio.

            1. I love the salad from Blue Water...I usually top mine with fresh crab and shrimp, sometimes ahi.

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