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Jun 20, 2012 06:13 PM

I bought Butterball frozen seasoned turkey burgers and they taste like cardboard! Help!

I purchased a package of Butterball frozen turkey burgers (preseasoned) and they are horrible. Absolutely AWFUL. I'm hoping the brilliant people on this message board can help me come up with a way to salvage the meat or something, since I can't bear the thought of throwing away food!

I have eaten two of the burgers. The first one I cooked on my Foreman grill, realized it was going to taste horrible, and tried to doctor up the cooked burger with some normal burger toppings like vidalia onions and ketchup. No dice. The second one, I cooked in a skillet and broke it up as it was cooking. I added some taco seasoning, tomatoes, and rice and made kind of a chili...ish. Still kind of gross. The texture is just... weird. Normally I like turkey burgers, so I'm pretty annoyed that I can't seem to find a way to make these edible.

Any suggestions? Would the texture be improved if I put them through the food processor and then made them into meatballs/meatloaf?

Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. When I have meat like that, I just store it in the freezer til next time I make chili. Hides a multitude of sins.

    1. I have no idea.... but thanks for the warning!

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        Jennie-O ones are okay! But yes, by all means, stay AWAY from the Butterball frozen ones!

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          Unfortunately not! I can't give it away via freecycle either, since I've opened the package! :(

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            Hmmmm...I really am stumped on this one. Maybe try your food processor idea along with pork or beef and add Korean seasoning to create some sort of lettuce or rice paper wraps and drizzle a lot of extra sauce on top. Or do the food pro thing and blend with chorizo sausage meat and go from there... I think the key is mixing it with something else to offset the weird texture. On the other hand, that may waste otherwise good pork or beef!

        2. It'll be easier to help if you are more specific about what you don't like. "Gross" and "weird" are not specific and don't point us in any direction. You note that they are pre-seasoned and "taste horrible," so tell us what that means. Too salty or not salty enough? Too much or too little pepper? Other flavors you don't like? If so, what do they remind you of? The texture is "weird"? Okay, weird how? Too crumbly or too firm? Gelatinous or hard?

          Also, are there a lot of other ingredients on the package? They may provide clues as to why these are not tasty.

          Without knowing any of this, I'd say let them thaw and run them through a meat grinder and yes, make meatballs or meatloaf or tacos or chili or shepherd's pie, where other flavors and possibly binders may overcome some of those problems. But without knowing more specifics it's harder to go much further -- it could make your problems worse.

          There are a million ways to sub Turkey for Beef or other meats, but burgers can be problematic due to the low fat content and different physical structure of Turkey meat.

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            Sorry! They are preseasoned, but I wouldn't know it if I just tasted them by themselves. They are bland, and the texture is very, very, firm and dry. I imagine that they are similar to what biting into styrofoam would be like, if styrofoam was less crumbly. They're dense, but somehow they hold together. Additionally, even though they're so dry, there are still weirdly chewy, gristle-y bits that didn't quite disappear when I tried to break up the burger patty in the skillet.

            1. re: bubblybarrister

              Okay, good. So I would definitely let them thaw and then re-grind in a Food Processor or grinder and incorporate into a meatloaf or meatballs or anything else that uses ground meat. If they are bland they'll get lost in the other flavors and textures and will merely act as a reasonably high-protein filler that shouldn't ruin the rest of the dish.

              1. re: acgold7

                Another post-grinding option once mixed with more ground chicken or turkey would be croquettes. Make a creamy sauce in the frying pan after sauteeing the croquettes and removing them, using milk, flour, minced onion, and chicken base/broth,

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                  Thank you! Sorry I was so vague in the original post. I just had a desperate moment there!

            2. no clue, but I won't be buying any.
              hate how cardboard sticks in my teeth :)))