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Lunch Places near Mamaroneck Ave in HARRISON

I finally found a job! I live in Rockland and I'm unfamiliar with Westchester. New job is on Mamaroneck Ave in Harrison. I get an hour for lunch, but have no idea where to go? My building is across from Saxon Woods.

Can someone suggest places I could make within an hour, that also have parking? I am only about 10 minutes from White Plains but there doesn't seem to be easy parking there, plus it's crowded at lunchtime. Mamaroneck is close by in the other direction, but I'm unfamiliar with what's there.

I did an internet search on the "mediocre" but quick chains. No McDs, BK, Wendys, Dunkin, or Boston Market nearby that I saw. But I'm not familiar with all the towns nearby.

My building has a cafeteria which I went to my first week. It was okay, a little pricey, but convenient. But sometimes I just want to get out of the building. I'm spoiled having worked in Northvale, NJ for many years, so there were tons of places nearby with plenty of parking!

Thank you ahead of time! Barbara

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  1. Congrats on the job!

    I'm sure you'll get plenty of responses. I would like to recommend MELT in White Plains. It's at 277 Mamaroneck Ave., maybe a 10 minute drive (someone might correct me, since I generally drive it not at lunch I might be off) from where you're working. Easy to park on the street in front of it, since it's not quite in the dense part of White Plains. It's just past the TD Bank, so if you have business there you can park in their lot, or for a quarter at the meter. You can eat there or pick something up. Search on MELT and you'll see some write ups.

    1. Congrats! I used to work in 500 Mamaroneck (and live in Mamaroneck now). Luckily for me, my office ordered in lunch every day. Our 2 favorites were Ginban (quick and reliable sushi) in Mamaroneck and Iron Tomato (sandwiches, thin-crust pizza, salads) in White Plains. There are a ton of options in "downtown" Mamaroneck, about 5 min drive from there (and you can usually get metered parking behind the CVS). If Ginban doesn't work for you, there are at least 4 other Asian fusion restaurants. We like Red Plum and Little Kitchen for takeout at home. Sal's (classic pizzaria) and Frankie's & Fanucci's (thinner crust) have reliable pizza. I'm excited for the new burger place going in near the Mamaroneck train station, so that may be an option going forward. I'm sure you'll find your favorites quickly!

      1. Turkish Meze in Mamaroneck is very good, and they have a nice lunch special. Also, in "downtown" Harrison, Hajime and Momiji are two decent sushi restaurants that I prefer to the Asian fusion places in Mamaroneck. Plus, parking in Harrison is relatively easy and free.

        1. Thank you all for your replies. Great info, and I'll try these out and report back. cbn456, I am also in the 500 Mamaroneck building, which is very nice! MELT sounds great from the website. I've never been on that part of Mamaroneck Ave, always turning at Bloomingdale Rd to get to I287. Now I'll look for TD Bank, and I'm glad the parking is easier in that part of White Plains.

          I plan on going into Mamaroneck too next week for the 1st time. Now I will look for CVS so I can park and look around. I don't even know where the Mamaroneck train station is, so this will be fun! I guess I'll learn! And then one day, I'll venture to Harrison, the real-Harrison and not the outskirts where my office is. Thank you once again!

          1. You lucky SOB...drive East into Mamaroneck and go to Sal's for pizza! Best in Westchester! IMHO of course

            1. Wish I was there with you !! I love, and also worked, in that part of the county before. It's a great location to be. If people are suggesting to go into downtown Mamaroneck for lunch, then I guess you should be introduced to Anthony's Deli (if you haven't been already). Enjoy.

              Anthony's --> http://www.anthonysdeli.com/

              1. sals does make a good joint slice but not spectacular by any means, across the street is garden catering, very good greasy chicken nuggets, with their own seasoning, and most of their stuff is good,. But really good news, I was just passing thru the village and at the end of mamaroneck ave. , my the train, they are putting in a smash burger. I've never tried them, but the reviews are very good on them.

                1. I'm so glad to hear about Sal's and Anthony's Deli. Garden Catering also sounds good. I've never been to a Smash Burger, so that's something to look forward to trying in the future. The pizza at Sal's sounds good. I'm glad that the parking is on a diagonal and not parallel parking, or at least that's what it looks like in the picture of the outside of Sal's. Thank you, you all are making me glad I work in this area. I was afraid that there was no place for me to get out a little and stretch my legs! Now I see I have some options.

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                    The whole village (Mack ave.) uses diagonal parking- do NOT cross from one side to the other to snag a spot or even make a u-turn, they will ticket you, and in the good weather they are even out on bicycles just waiting

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                      FYI while we love Sal's pizza their food from the kitchen is very good too. It's very casual, you order and pay at the pizza counter, sit down and they bring the food to you. We love the soups, heros, chopped salad with grilled chicken to name a few.

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                        The pasta fagioli here is very good.

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                        Weedy- what are the prices like at Gus? The website does not have them. The menu looks good but I don't like surprises.

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                          prices are moderate.
                          Not cheap, but not crazy, especially for seafood.
                          The German specialities are good as well, if you like that sort of food.

                      2. 51rich, thanks for the driving tips. I won't cross over the yellow line to park, and will keep a watch out for police. How difficult is it to back out of those diagonal spaces at lunch hour? I hope I can do this, I don't want to hit a bicycler!

                        And, Franklin Park restaurant also sounds great, specially with it's roots going back to the 1930's. It sounds like a landmark that I'll have to try, specially since I like seafood.

                        Thank you everyone once again for giving me some great sounding tips!

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                          The village does get pretty crowded at times, but with patience spots open up fairly regularly, if you reach the far end by the Boston post rd. just go past the light and you can turn around and come up the other side. Sure beats a ticket!