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Jun 20, 2012 03:54 PM

Rockland Bakery in Nanuet

Rockland Bakery in Nanuet gets raves on Yelp. Yet they're apparently one of the biggest wholesale bakeries in the area, which kinda points to their being crap. But the reviews are uniform and breathless.

Is it worth a stop?

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  1. It's the only bakery I know of that let's you walk in back where the ovens are, and bag your own breads and rolls fresh off the carts. If your timing is right, you can get some really hot rolls as they come off the end of the cooling conveyor belts.

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      We love the Rockland bakery and always make a point of stopping when in the area. You go in the back, put on plastic gloves and select from a wide variety of baked breads, literally right out of the oven. Our favorites are their Challah bread and Onion Rye.Their prices are also significantly cheaper than supermarkets.

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        Leff's First Law of Baked Goods: Anything tastes good right out of the oven. Pencils, styrofoam, anything.

      2. I can only speak to the bagels there because we get them at work. Not horrible, but not really good either.

        1. In an area where the bakery situation is poor Rockland excells for good rolls, rye bread and challah. The italian bread is ok but not great. They've recently tried to make "artisinal" loaves and rolls, again good not great. Having said this its my go to place for bread and occasional Danish. I would probably go to Costco more offen but the parking and size(too big) of the packaging generally stops me.

          1. Interesting place in that you can walk thru and get it fresh from the machine, most of it is from very good to just ok, probably worth a trip if even just to see it. Having had both the breads from the bakery and the totally institutional (hospital) breads, rest easy there is no comparison.

            1. I love to go to Rockland Bakery, especially with the kids. They get a kick out of it. I like the onion board, it's not as well done as I'd prefer, but once toasted it's great. My husband loves the cranberry nut loaf. If you are in the area, I'd say yes stop by. If you do go, stop at Laria's cheese shop around the corner, and Carousel cakes (they have a great coconut cake). Given that hitting the 3 places then I'd say yes, make a stop, but just not for the bakery alone.

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                I recommend Laria's as well, there is a restaurant that makes good pancakes in the area too but I can't remember the name of it.

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                  I think it's pancakes plus. Something like that. It's next to Carosel Cakes.

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                    That is the place I was referring to thank you.