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Jun 20, 2012 03:24 PM

Best dim sum in Vancouver

In Vancouver for a few days and looking for great dim sum. Staying downtown but will travel for great food.

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  1. "Best" is somewhat subjective. If price is no (significant) factor nor distance, here are some that often get recommended. I'm not listing any outside of Vanc & Richmond since I don't dim sum in other places 99% of the time.

    - Kirin
    - Victoria
    - Imperial
    - Pink Pearl (recently re-opened after 2-year closure)
    - Golden Ocean
    - Good Choice
    - Sun Sui Wah
    - Red Star

    - Fisherman's Terrace
    - Red Star
    - Sun Sui Wah
    - Kirin
    - Sea Harbour
    - Rainflower

    I'm sure I missed several, hopefully other CH'ers will add to this.

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    1. re: LotusRapper

      Thanks. That gives me lots of options.

      1) Dai Tung
      ($2.75 dim sum with push carts, portions are on the smaller size, but it's fresh tasty and there's lots of variety. LONG waits though.)

      2) Western Lake (EVEN longer waits even at 2:30 pm, we had to wait 30 min!), tiny restaurant, so very cramped seating. Made to order dim sum, large portions)

      3) Good Choice (fresh, more lightly seasoned and delicately sauces than most dim sum places, pricier but refined, not a huge menu)

      1) Fisherman's Terrace (consistent, dim sum, made to order, fresh, and has a refined elegance to their dim sum in both taste and presentation)

      2) Rain Flower (some unique dishes, like the durian dessert, mid-ranged prices, large restaurant. lots of variety)

      3) Viva City (parking is difficult, good variety of dim sum, $2.99 deals and 20% off deals happening)

      4) Top Gun (20% off with a $20 year restaurant membership, also good for Richmond Sushi, if you dine before 11 am or something. Tasty, refined to order dim sum. Parking is okay.)

      5) Jade Seafood (discount before 11 am, good service, okay sized dim sum)

      1) Po King (one word - DRAGON lady boss - large portions, $2.95 dim sum, busy but sharing tables is encouraged so the wait isn't too bad even on weekends)

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      1. re: famishedfoodie

        thanks again for more great options. I may have to have dim sum more than once.

        1. re: bigcmd

          The Canada Line Skytrain will take you into downtown Richmond, where you can probably walk or take a short bus ride to many of the better quality dim sum establishments. Happy dim summing :)

        2. re: famishedfoodie

          Great list. I'd like to offer - Dynasty Seafood on Broadway and Willow. I think it has the best dim sum outside of Richmond right now.

          1. re: fmed

            I second, and on the right day if you are near the window the most fabulous view of downtown!

            1. re: starlady

              I think we will go to Sun Shi Wah for lunch tomorrow. Thanks for everyone' s advice. this is a beautiful city and I can't wait to return.

              1. re: bigcmd

                Sun Sui Wah, is a good choice - good service and consistent qualtiy of dim sum. Enjoy!

                1. re: bigcmd

                  Which SSW? The one in Richmond seems to be getting more love these days and might be easier to get to on transit if you are staying near Skytrain...

                  1. re: grayelf

                    I was thinking of the one on Main street since I am staying downtown.

                    1. re: bigcmd

                      There is a Main 3 bus that goes there but it only gets to Hastings and Richards downtown so check out Translink site before you go. Beware the har gow there though, way too big.

                      1. re: bigcmd

                        I think that's what Grayelf meant, if you can conveniently get to any of the Canada Line stations, take it towards Richmond and you can get to Sun Sui Wah from either Aberdeen Station or Lansdowne Station (a few mins walk from either):


                        A bit hard to see, but the small beige SSW sign is between the bright red restaurant awning to the left and the yellow "4940" to the right:


                        1. re: LotusRapper

                          I might cab it sine we are 4 people. I'll report back after the meal.

                          1. re: bigcmd

                            Had a wonderful dim sum lunch at Sun Sui Wah.
                            Great shumei and dumplings with pork and peanuts. Also had chow mein and sesame balls with black bean curd. got there on the train with no problem. thanks again for everyone's help.