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Peanut butter as an appetizer/munchy..whatever!

Don't know what made me go down this path,but most likely late night munchies fueled by something distilled. When I lived in the UK years back, one neighbor actually served Peanutbutter on crackers as an hors d-ouvere. Wasn't bad..but the cracker was mpmh. So.the other day...got out some of my Canadian Wheat crackers.the Red Oval Stoned wheat thins and spread a little PB on them.........nice!

Then I decided, maybe a little regular butter and PB on them would be even better.......it was.as my sodium count climbed.

Then for the piece d'resistance. I had gotten some Belgian Waffle cookies made by Jules De Stroop..you can find these in some supermarkets and places like Whole Foods. Took one of those, lathered on some PB and then topped it with a "smidge" (2 points if you grew up knowing and using that word!) of some fancy "finishing salt" that my D-I-L had given me....The combo of sweet and salty was heaven.

In further quests on subsequent days and nights, I have also tried Cashew butter and Almond butter (the latter from Whole Foods......expensive.and maybe worth it)...on both the sweet and the salty crackers....with and wihtout the extra salt. Definitely worh trying!

And it can look rather classy to serve Almond butter on Crackers with a sprinkling of pink finishing salt or white sea flakes to your friends.

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  1. Salt and peanut butter are my friends! My father taught me that if you make an open-faced PB sandwich you sprinkle salt on top and then it won't stick to the roof of your mouth. Also, butter on the bread or cracker first is imperative.
    ...and yes, I get the two points because he also taught me "smidge".

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    1. Peanut butter on salted stoned wheat thins with a drizzle of honey is one of life's greatest pleasures.

      I've also always been partial to peanut butter and either jam or honey on plain, salted ricecakes. Something about the way the peanut butter gets into all the little crevices...

      Not sure I'd serve either of these to guests as an appetizer, but they make great just-come-home-from-the-bar snacks.

      Edited to add: Also, it has to be natural peanut butter, the kind where the ingredients list nothing but salt and peanuts. If it's diluted with sugar and vegetable shortening, it doesn't go on my crackers (although you're welcome to put it on yours).

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        Having lived in the UK, I got partial to Bacon-Butties.......back here in the US, I often take a roll, spread some Peanutbutter on it and add some bacon. Instead of Brown sauce, tho, I might drizzle a bit of honey over the whole thing which is sublime.......truly a good "comfort food" type thing.

      2. I've started having open faced PB and strawberry jelly sandwiches (on toast) with celtic grey sea salt and.... fresh cracked pepper on them. My rationale is as follows: the salt goes with the PB and strawberries and black pepper go together.... salt and pepper go together.... pb and j go together.... therefore it is all a happy family! And boy does it taste good!

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        1. Peanut butter on a cracker, topped with a dollop of BBQ sauce is quite tasty. Sounds odd, and I was skeptical, but these sweet old folks selling their homemade BBQ sauce at a meat market talked me into trying it. It was really tasty. Is best with the sweeter sauce varieties.

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            grins....gonna try that on my next foray.the sweet/salty thing.......maybe with a little bit of heat

            1. re: FriedClamFanatic

              Try PB with sweet Thai chili sauce, toasted. Salty, sweet, spicy.

              1. re: Candice

                this sounds great!! I was thinking about putting some samba oelek with pb

                1. re: Candice

                  sounds so good............about 10 tonight..............gonna give that a try!......rofl

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                  RE.......PB and BBQ.....oh wow.......tried it tonight.........not bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe not my 1st choice, but good!

                  Gave me this great idea tho.............I usually take bone-in chicken breasts and separate the skin lightly , packing a butter/garlic/seasoning mix under it to cook and baste.. Next Time..wanna try PB/Butter/BBQ under the skin...maybe with a bit of Penzey's Sate or Singapore Seasoning added.


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                    I am the "proud" owner of a jar of peanut butter BBQ sauce made by..... Paula Deen. My ex bought it and never used it, and I've been wondering what to make with it. Maybe a swipe on some crackers will give me some ideas

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                  My grandfather used to swear by crackers topped with peanut butter and ketchup. Can't say I disagree with your theory - sounds pretty great to me!

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                    A friend introduced me to the PB&K combo in college--it was a "dad food",(one of those odd things your dad or grandpa eats) not just any crackers, they had to be Ritz.

                4. when I was in boarding school we always put a piece of dill pickle on on our peanut butter and crackers!

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                    A Lady I knew years and years ago.......who was an avid shell collector/artist..............who spent part of her year in Sanibel......would often go out to do "shelling" with a PB and onion sandwich....she said it was the best thing for her. I tried it a few times...was ok...........but not my favorite.

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                      peanut butter and pickles, especially dill, are a long time cult classic (anyone ever read the Sue Grafton alphabet mysteries?) There have been a couple of threads on this in the past.

                    2. peanut butter on a triscuit.

                      1. Peanut butter sandwiches made with "cocktail" rye or pumpernickle. A favorite since childhood.

                        1. These are a little different, but they make great appetizers. Take a thin, round slice of hard salami (you can find these presliced and prepackaged in your store's refrigerated meat section). Spread peanut butter as thinly as you can - to the point you can nearly see through the peanut butter. Then roll up of salami tightly.

                            1. re: circustance

                              yes! thought my family were the only ones who ate PB& Mayo! :)

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                                Us too. Add a slice of cheese and it's just perfect!

                            2. said in another thread, pimento cheese and peanut butter. Hitting ti with a few squirts of crystals is up to you

                              1. Ah, stroopwafels and PB. Now even MORE reason to eat them. I will try some with jelly too ! ... TY.

                                1. Years ago we had a friend who made/served a faux rumaki using PB, bacon, and I've forgotten what else; waterchestnut, I think. Delicious.

                                  1. I like peanut butter mixed as a Thai style dipping sauce along with Siracha sauce, vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, coriander, a little sugar etc. Great on hot or cold noodles, pasta, rice, potstickers, spring rolls, etc.


                                    1. Rye Triscuit with PB and a mini pretzel
                                      White bread without the crusts, PB spread topped with marshmallow fluff and cut into 4 squares
                                      Plain bagel crisps with PB and a melted caramel square
                                      Wheat cracker with PB and chopped celery

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                                      1. re: HillJ

                                        I could just never do the PB/fluff combo...

                                      2. I'm a "chunky" peanut butter person. A few years ago I decided that just having chunky peanut butter was a little one sided, so I decided to make my own "chunky" jelly as well. Now I love to take about 6-12 raisin, chop or half them, place them on the jelly side of the bread and vuala......a true chunky peanut butter and jelly sandwich. (oh ideally served on a freshly opened wonder white bread)

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                                          I like that idea! I often use a chutney instead of Jam for my PB&J which makes for a nice combo and a bit more "Crunch" from the chunkies. I am definitely in the Chunky camp too

                                        2. Went to a party a couple of years ago, they served ritz with peanut butter topped with various colors of grapes. Very festive. I liked the 'black' best, although the red were ok. The green was a little tart, but not bad by any means. Sort of a proto-pb&j.

                                          1. In China, I discovered that Skippy was selling jars of chocolate and peanut butter. I'd typically get the smaller container, and every now and then, I'd finish it in one day. One of the food nadirs of my life...

                                            I usually spread standard issue peanut butter on apples, or have a few spoonfuls with honey. I haven't found the Peter Pan Honey Nut variety in NYC, but if I did, that would be preferred even to the Skippy chocolate listed above.


                                            1. grr... this thread made me realize i had a perfectly good box of triscuit and an unopened jar of peanut butter. Now I have a half eaten jar of peanut butter and no triscuit. They were the brown rice with sea salt & black pepper. What do you mean that isn't a well balanced breakfast? No, I didn't eat the whole box at one sitting. It was also a mid afternoon snack and a light after dinner treat.

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                                              1. re: KaimukiMan

                                                So, I shouldn't tell you how delicious the rye/caraway Triscuits are with PB?

                                                1. re: sandylc

                                                  I'm taking you off my friends list . . . oh, wait, wrong website :-)

                                              2. I don't think i'd serve pb on crackers for company but i have made stuffed celery w/ pb (maybe dotted w/ raisins ) for pot luck suppers

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                                                  I've served apples with peanut butter (and also apples with cheddar cheese). When just for myself, I love bananas with a dab of peanut butter, often sandwiched. Peanut butter is great on crackers, but if I skip the carbs then I can have a lot more!

                                                2. Peanutbutter on crackers with a dollop of Sriracha is a favorite snack. Also the same spread on a Roti Parata or Scallion Pancake is really good too.

                                                  1. Health food store machine PB on rye bread with kimmel,. black cuurant jam on top.

                                                    1. I would get a plain cracker and wrap 1 slice to thin bacon and bake in the oven until crispy and top with a dollop of soften peanut butter and sesalt