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Jun 20, 2012 02:44 PM

Pera Restaurant in Soho, anyone been?

I searched the threads, and couldn't find anything on Pera Restaurant in Soho. I did see there is another Pera in Midtown. I had a glass of wine there and looked at the menu. It seemed mostly Middle Eastern food. The hostess described it as Mediterranean Food. The menu looked good, But I'm wondering if the food is good there. The space was really nice, inside and an outside sitting area. They also have a private room and do events. So it sounds good, hopefully the food is good. If anyone has some comments on the food please let me know.

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  1. I was just there for the first time on Friday night. The outside patio looked really nice - too bad for the crazy thunderstorm that had just passed by. The cocktail list was quite limited, so I had a regular martini, which was made well. Our group was not the most adventurous, but we managed ot share some appetizers - prawns (2 per serving, very tasty), calamari salad (chopped too small for my liking, couldn't really taste anything), the chicken roll (wrapped in phyllo, quite good) and then I shared the lamb kabob - the meat was very nice and tender, cooked just right, and came with a nice, tangy sauce. We were sitting at the "chef's table" and the chef came out and welcomed us, so I was hoping for some samples, tastes, but nothing ever came. Overall, a pretty solid place, but not at the top of my list.

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      Thanks for the report. Too bad about the thunderstorm. THe outside patio looks like a nice place to have cocktails. I'm glad you liked all the dishes, even though the place didn't make the top of your list. It might be a good place to go, when other places the area are booked, for example , the Aqua Grill or Kittichai.