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Jun 20, 2012 02:33 PM

Verona dining plan--input needed!

I'm having a bit of trouble trying to figure out my Verona dining, primarily because we are there Mon, Tue, and Wed, and all three of the places I had picked out are closed Monday!

We'll be staying about 15 minutes east of town at an agriturismo/winery. We have opera tickets for Tuesday. We can arrive early in Verona Monday (coming from Sirmione.) I'm thinking, we'd have a nice lunch in Verona Monday, head to the winery in the afternoon, and NOT return to dine in Verona on Monday (but go somewhere local to our accommodation.) Wednesday, we'll be in Vicenza so would lunch there.

So essentially I need:
Mon Lunch
Tuesday lunch, and dinner pre-opera
Wed dinner

These are the places I'd decided to go:
Taverna de Stella: closed Mon lunch and Wed
Al Pompiere: closed Mon lunch
12 Apostoli: closed Monday lunch

Mon lunch--help!
Mon dinner--near winery
Tuesday: lunch: Al Pompiere; dinner pre-opera Taverna de Stella (will this be too much for one day?)
Wed dinner: 12 Apostoli (I want to go there for the Buon Ricardo plate, among other reasons.)

How does that sound, and any recommendations for a light lunch Monday appreciated. What about Bottega de Vino?

Also, do you think reservations are needed for lunch on a Monday and Tuesday?

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  1. Well, problem solved--I emailed Al Pompiere and it turns out they are now open Mondays for lunch! So we are set. However, if anyone has any comments or suggestions I'm open to change ;)

    Mon lunch: Al Pompiere, dinner near winery
    Tues: lunch open, Dinner Taverna de Stella
    Wed: lunch Vicenza, Dinner 12 Apostoli

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      If you've not already made this trip, I recommend Al Duomo wholeheartedly. Its nothing fancy (and do not go to the bathroom there), just a winebar with good food, but they had some of the absolute best pastas we tasted in Verona, much better than fancier places. Their bigoli con le sarde was just dreamy. The service was also very friendly, and its incredibly cheap. This is really all I ever want from an Italian lunch! (Well, and maybe a real toilet.) Also the part of town its located in is nice as its tucked away a bit from the intense tourist bustle.

      I wrote up a trip report about various other places, including Al Pompiere (focus on the sliced meats!), if its helpful (scroll down, Verona is last):

      1. re: _emilie_

        Thanks Emilie, we are leaving in a few days! We still have lunch open on Tuesday, and and thought maybe either Bottega di Vino or Al Duomo. Sounds like maybe we should go for Al Duomo... Just read your post...will definitely go for the sliced meats at Al Pompiere, which we have reserved for Monday lunch. And if we do go to Al Duomo, will avoid the bathroom, lol thanks for that tip ;)

        1. re: jinx

          We only had drinks at Bottega di Vino, so I can't speak to the food there, but the ambiance is a little more dressed up, and service a little less warm. But it is famous and you'll have more wine options for sure (Al Duomo had their house wines, plus maybe 3 tiers of reds - one Vapolicella, one Ripasso and a single Amarone if I recall, all gently priced).

          1. re: jinx

            I found the service at Antica Bottega del Vino in Verona downright unpleasant, and the meal I ordered was boring. Funnily, I later came to rather like their "branch" in NYC, which has killer coffee and terrific wines by the glass. But I have unhappy memories of their historic site in Verona. (Never been to Al Duomo.)

            1. re: barberinibee

              Yeah, the service at the bar was not very good or friendly, but I thought that might just have been because we didn't have a table and were there at a weird hour (and tourists). Not that any of that is an excuse, but sometimes table service is different. I'll have to try the one in NY.

              1. re: _emilie_

                Ha I didn't know there was one in NY--and I'm in NY! Well, its sounding like Al Duomo is a better lunch choice, especially if Bottega del Vino is more dressed up--somehow I pictured it more as a wine bar but looking again at their website it looks a little more formal. We've got early dinner reserved at Taverna di Via Stella that night so will probably not want a very big lunch, hence I was thinking more wine bar-ish. Another option is Enoteca Cangrande which was recommended by a friend.

                1. re: jinx

                  If you're really just after drinks, we enjoyed Osteria del Bugiardo and Osteria Sottoriva. Neither had particularly outstanding food (Sottoriva was a bit better in that regard, and a bit less touristy), but both were fine friendly places for a drink, and very casual, with nibbles available. Didn't make it to Enoteca Cangrande.

                  I would still go for Al Duomo. Have a wondeful time!

                  1. re: jinx

                    The Bottega del Vino folks also operate Via Quadronno on the upper east side, same coffee and some of the same food and wine, but cheaper! I've never eaten a full meal at Bottega del Vino, just coffee and pastries or wine and sandwiches. The food is not outstanding but the coffee and wine often are.