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Jun 20, 2012 02:13 PM

Lewisville Recommendations?

I'm visiting Lewisville (near the Vista Ridge Mall) for a few days in July for work. Can anyone recommend some good places to eat in the area? No dietary requirements. Quality is more important than quantity for me.

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. I believe there's a Fish City Grill in Lewisville. My favorite thing there is the honey-chipotle shrimp and their cole slaw, which has a vinegar-based dressing. For really exciting food, you may need to go to Dallas ...

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        OK, in Flower Mound ... I found a listing for it in "Lewisville/Flower Mound." I've never been to this location, but a friend's book club meets there and she was raving about it ...

    1. Yeah, I work right by Vista Ridge and in the immediate area is chain restaurant central pretty much. Chaucer's sushi is a good place and the Wild Turkey is a good after work drink spot. Other than that it's almost all chain places, but there are lots of them to choose from though.

      1. Here is a good start:

        If you include the fringes of Carrollton you open up your options a bit. I work around the 35/121 area. Here are my choices for eateries in the area.
        Cajun PoBoys
        Bayou Market - Southwest Parkway and Business 121. I like the Shrimp ones. They are not the best but they are better than most other places I have tried in the DFW area. Are they authentic Cajun/Creole probably not….but in Lewisville we take what we can get

        Kerala Style Indian
        Kerala Kitchen - in the Texaco at Huffines Blvd (Exit before Hebron) and 121 in Carrollton. I like the Kerala plate. The fish curry has always been bad but the avial, thoran and beef curry are great. I would skip the paratha.

        Malaysian/Asian Fusion
        Secret Recipe - Hebron @ Huffines in Carrollton. You can try all the others in the area but this place gets my vote every time. Ask Edgar the chef for any spice level and he is glad to accommodate. I really like the vinegar pork, sweet and sour version without the goopy neon sauce, bring a friend it is huge portion. Minced Pork with Tofu, a brick of fried tofu, crunchy on the outside tender inside, with a wonderful soy based minced pork sauce on top. Bring a friend on this one also. You need to ask for the Malaysian menu.

        Al Markaz - Service road of 190 between Dickinson and Old Denton
        Three choices for lunch $7.95. Service is minimal (make sure you grab your utensils and pitcher of water) but the food makes up for it. I am not sure how they actually make any money. Solid choices are haleem, kahari chicken, and chicken khat-a-kat. Their buttered naan is the best I have had in Dallas. I have also liked meat pattie (a puff pastry filled with ground beef), nihari, and their chicken boti but not as well as the three above.
        Lal Quila – NWQ of Old Denton and 190 (PGBT). The naan here is as good as Al Markaz. I do say the haleem has been better here than Al Markaz and the Sabri Nihari is much better than Al Markaz’s version. I have yet to try the grilled items but I have had the charga, which is basically Pakistani fried chicken…..but you get the whole bird so bring some dining companions.
        Apna Grill on Old Denton and Rosemeade in Carrollton is a tiny spot that is mostly to go (takeaway) place but the lack of seats makes up for in the price of the dishes. The kabob rolls (chicken and beef) are both very good. Haleem is not quite as solid as the previous recommendations but still gets the job done and very inexpensive for the amount of food you receive. I would highly recommend the keema samosas at 50 cents they are a steal, the Shami Kabob at 75 cents, the Chicken Makhani (aka butter chicken) was very good and pretty spicy $6. The naan is not quite as good as the other recommendations above but it is also 50 cents cheaper (69 cents). No website or review quite yet

        To Dam Gol - Old Denton Next to Super H Mart. Best tofu stew you will probably have. I like the pork myself (dwejigogi soondubu) and the stone fired rice bowl with veggies and meat (dolsot bi bim bap). You might call me wierd but I actually love allt he panchan (small plates of refillable veggies) here. It is not the most comprehensive panchan ever but it has always been good.

        El Pollo Regio on the service road between Bus 121 and Fox. I think they are remodeling the space (was Panchos then Dona Carmen then El Ja Ja). If you can get in there the half or quarter grilled chicken is excellent. If dining alone go for the quarter and it should still be a good deal.

        Taqueria Guadalajara – Fox and 35 next to El Rancho is quite good just for your taco craving.
        Tacos Regio Monterrey – Old Orchard just south of Main (Mrs Bairds Bakery Outlet center) is close to where I live and I seemed to really enjoy it. There was little English spoken and not very crowded but a great selection of dishes.

        Agave Azul at 3040 (Hebron/Round Grove/Flower Mound Rd) and Morris is my go to place now for Tex-Mex in the area. I would highly suggest getting one of the house margaritas. At $5 they will get you snookered without breaking the bank. If you are into Tequila then this is one of the few places in the Metroplex that has Tequila flights available. As for the food the tableside guacamole is excellent and could substitute for a meal. Just about every dish I have had has been on par with Mi Cocina which seems to be everyone’s favorite in Dallas.

        Cristina’s and Mi Cocina if you must go to a chain these would be some good choices. Cristina’s in Flower Mound in the boonies (Cross Timbers and Shiloh Rd) is better than the one by Vista Ridge Mall. Mi Cocina at 407 (Justin Rd) and 2499 (Long Prairie) in Flower Mound is an even keel chain. The service is generally really good but you pay for it in your meal.

        Corrine’s Catfish – Main Street and Graden Ridge. My co-worker’s swear by this place. Their catfish is good but a bit pricey. They also have other “Cajun” style dishes that are decent but none that I would really write home about. I haven’t had the dessert but that seems to be a big draw on their commercials and website.
        Catfish House at Old Denton and Frankford in Carrollton is my go to catfish place. I get a two piece and I am stuffed. It is consistent and always fresh. Not crowded and no frills but my kinda place!

        I have come to love Fat Cow BBQ on Garden Ridge and 35. I really like the pulled pork, ribs and mac and cheese. The owner is really nice and takes care of you even though he has 6 or so tables. It is BBQ in Dallas and it will never be to the caliber it is in Austin.

        I would make the drive up to Denton for Rudy’s on 35 and Teasley if you aren’t pleased with Fat Cow. I really like the fatty brisket, turkey breast, hot bbq sauce and cream corn.

        Andaman – Hickory in the new Denton Entertainment District. I would go to Andaman in Denton. Get the Northern Thai Dip, Mango Fish, Volcano Catfish, Thai Spice Center.

        Hong Kong Royal – Josey and Frankford. I would definitely head to Hong Kong Royal. They have been consistently outperforming Kirin Court in service and food execution. Any of the dim sum is good, the thin rice noodles with special sauce is excellent, peking duck great, Singapore style fried rice noodles, the list goes on. I haven’t had a bad dish
        ever at HKR.

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          Thanks very much for your great suggestions. I will be sure to check a few of these out on my trip.

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            I'm in FM and have been curious about Fat Cow. Based on this I will have to give it a try. We frequent Agave Azul and can second the recommendation.