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Jun 20, 2012 01:20 PM

Outside of The Nomad Rooftop, any other great finds for outdoor summer in the city dining?

looking for preferably rooftop dining...or outside garden for fun and tasty dinner. like a restaurant with a little edge to it as well.

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  1. There not many proper restaurants on rooftops since making that space a bar is so much more profitable. However, you should probably look into Birreria, the rooftop beer garden at Eataly, if that sort of atmosphere appeals to you since they do have a full food menu.

    An edge + outdoors in a garden screams Roberta's to me, if Brooklyn is OK with you.

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    1. re: kathryn

      +1 on Roberta's. We were at the frutti di mare dinner on Monday night—amazing. I'll try and get my pics uploaded within the next day or so. Next month is goat and August is a whole pig.

      1. re: loratliff

        we did the whole pig last september, and it was really really good.

    2. Gascogne has a glorious garden in back of their restaurant on 8th and 18th. We love it for brunch or dinner.

      1. Trestle on Tenth has a pretty back garden; Vespa on the UES also has a nice garden. Both are behind the restaurant so not facing the street. I heard the Water Club revamped its menu for the Crow's Nest or whatever their rooftop dining area is called but haven't been to confirm - and obviously I realize none of these is edgy. For cheap burgers and beer, Royale's back garden can't be beat.

        Also read about this place but haven't been:

        1. I had a great outdoor meal at Harlem Tavern a few weeks ago. Its right next the the B/C station on 116th St. (if I am remembering correctly). They have a large outdoor area in front of the restaurant and the indoor area is open to the outside as well.