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Fresh Herring In Seattle

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Last night I saw on Chow TV : link here


the story on fresh herring from Holland.
Anyone know where to get some in Seattle?

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  1. Try Fresh Fish Company, in Ballard

    1. I got some a month ago at Mutual Fish on Rainier Ave. Yum!

      1. This doesn't answer your question, but:

        I'm writing this from northern Germany, where I have feasted on Matjesbrötchen -- raw herring filets and onion on a crusty roll. Simplicity itself and the epitome of fishiness.

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          Yes, and this is in my brain for weeks and eating away at me and thus I'm also on a quest for FRESH herring fillets in the Puget Sound region, so that I can prepare them the proper way myself.

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            Matjes is what I'm after but that is a special type of herring, on that has not yet reached sexual maturity, so I'm not sure if any old herring will do.

          2. Still looking.
            Mutual Fish, Seattle Fish, and Gilaurentis all said "NO."

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              I'm in NY but the sellers here ran out last Friday. No more until next year. Probably the same in Seattle.

            2. Would love to know who has the fresh stuff for sale (not already pickled, that is recently pulled from the cold ocean - so it can safely be eaten raw)

              1. uwajimaya might be worth a shot. they often stock "weirder" fish.

                1. One thing that bothers me to end is posters who reply 'try this place' without ever actually researching it. You may be trying to be helpful, but NOT. Why would I waste my time if you're just throwing out a haphazard guess?

                  Good luck finding this locally now. I personally have had great success via mail order, might be too late in the season already, but they cryo-ship and my experience was fabulous, at a price: http://www.russanddaughters.com/

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                  1. re: Gastronomicus

                    I think it is helpful if people feel that a place is likely to carry what they are looking for. I'm not going to go and do the legwork of calling a place for you, but if I were personally trying to find the item, then I might take that suggestion and give them a call.

                    1. re: dagoose

                      Fair enough, but FWIW none of the 'helpful' tips I've traced per this board have ever resulted in success. And there have been many. Still, you're entitled to your opinion: 'Hey, why don't you chase this down because I never did and am guessing.'

                      1. re: Gastronomicus

                        i do it because it's sincerely where i'd head first to look (or call) if i, personally, were seeking the ingredient. i'm trying to make suggestions that i think the seeker might benefit from - but how helpful is it to claim that the help offered here is unhelpful, when your help is not the OP's request? you found frozen herring shipped in - not fresh herring in seattle. i believe your intent is to be helpful - so is everyone else's on here.

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                          Nope, it was fresh. By cryo I meant with freeze blocks, sorry for the misunderstanding. So I was being helpful, instead of throwing out maybes.

                          1. re: Gastronomicus

                            oops sorry! my misunderstanding. and i was trying to phrase mine just as a suggestion of a possibility, not as a "go here they have it!" :-) ah the internet, for its misunderstandings

                            1. re: chartreauxx

                              You're solid, I was just venting. Seriously though, Russ & Daughters - albeit expensive - made me feel like I was in Denmark. Young, first of the season fresh herring shipped overnight. Top them with minced gherkins, yum.

                        2. re: Gastronomicus

                          Shit, I hope none came from me.

                          You are both making valid points.

                          Perhaps when recommending something you haven't tried, just put a disclaimer. Seemed kinda implied in chartreauxx post, at least that's what I took "might be worth a shot," to mean.

                          1. re: EatFoodGetMoney

                            i'm glad it came across that way! that's how it was intended :-) in general around here if i want a less-than-standard item, i think waji's for fish. i might call, or i might use the exploration as an excuse to grab dim sum whether waji's had herring or not!

                        1. Try University Seafood and Poultry in the U District. Maybe call and check before making the trip down there.

                          1. I saw them today, wed July 2 at uwajimaya

                            1. A Scandinavian imports and meats and fish shop in Ballard appears to carry salt herring sold in plastic bags. One I get out there ill report on the nature of the product