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Fresh Herring In Seattle

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Last night I saw on Chow TV : link here


the story on fresh herring from Holland.
Anyone know where to get some in Seattle?

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  1. Try Fresh Fish Company, in Ballard

    1. I got some a month ago at Mutual Fish on Rainier Ave. Yum!

      1. This doesn't answer your question, but:

        I'm writing this from northern Germany, where I have feasted on Matjesbrötchen -- raw herring filets and onion on a crusty roll. Simplicity itself and the epitome of fishiness.

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          Yes, and this is in my brain for weeks and eating away at me and thus I'm also on a quest for FRESH herring fillets in the Puget Sound region, so that I can prepare them the proper way myself.

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            Matjes is what I'm after but that is a special type of herring, on that has not yet reached sexual maturity, so I'm not sure if any old herring will do.

          2. Still looking.
            Mutual Fish, Seattle Fish, and Gilaurentis all said "NO."

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              I'm in NY but the sellers here ran out last Friday. No more until next year. Probably the same in Seattle.

            2. Would love to know who has the fresh stuff for sale (not already pickled, that is recently pulled from the cold ocean - so it can safely be eaten raw)