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Jun 20, 2012 12:55 PM

Long Island BBQ(Grilling) catering

We're having a party in early August at our house in eastern Nassau. I was planning on grilling, but my wife says we should hire someone so I can enjoy the party.

Ben's has a BBQ menu (, as does Woodbury Kosher Butcher (in Hicksville). I called Roslyn Kosher Butcher also... they're willing to do it, but they don't have a BBQ menu... they'd just charge me for all the meat and send someone over.

Has anyone done this type of catering (have someone come to grill)?

And to confirm: i'm using BBQ colloquially... as in grilling hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, etc.... not slow cooked brisket and ribs.


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  1. Try David Kay at Season's in Lawrence (formerly Supersol)

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    1. re: susiejane

      Thanks susiejane. I got a quote from them... price is a little cheaper than Woodbury Kosher. However, I'm currently leaning towards Woodbury... it's my local butcher, and I know the food is great there.

      1. re: dmel

        For whatever it's worth, I find Roslyn Kosher meats to be of excellent quality--I'm not Kosher, but I often get ground beef and chicken wings from them. And they had A&H Chipotle Dogs last time I was there; always a plus.