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Jun 20, 2012 12:47 PM

Acapulco (Tampa)

I was hoping to write just a quick post that Acapulco Grocery is now serving mole but I discovered that there is no thread dedicated to Acapulco. With Taqueria Monterrey now gone, we should definitely have a thread for Acapulco. I am a long time fan of the tripa, buche (here means sweetbreads), and carnitas huaraches. The tripa huarache is without a doubt one of my favorite dishes in Tampa. The green and red salsas at Acapulco are equally delicious. It's good that the huaraches come two to an order so that I can be egalitarian with the salsas. Really what I wanted to talk about was the mole that just made it back on the menu on Wednesdays (but not this upcoming Wednesday 6/27). The mole poblano comes smothered over chicken and along side yellow rice and beans. A stack of handmade tortillas accompany the dish to sop up every last drop. You will be glad they do. I have been desperate for someone to serve a good mole in the area for a long time. I am glad to finally have a place to go to satisfy this craving.

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  1. I was real surprised too that there was no Acapulco Grocery buzz!
    We had to have mentioned it somewhere... But yeah, if Acapulco could possibly have gotten any better, they pulled it off by getting in a routine for their Mole... We mopped up every last drop with the 'hot off the griddle' freshly made tortillas...

    Acapulco Grocery is a hidden gem in a group of shops at MacDill & Cypress in Tampa...
    Next to a big health food store (I've been told)... Bwah-Ha!
    It's a Spanish grocery store in the front and a small restaurant in the back...

    Wow, those women turn out some great, simple, authentic, tacos, sopes, huaraches, & big soups on the weekends... Now Mole on Wednesdays...

    Ya know, sopes are a 4" +/- round, flattened, griddled, toasty, disc of masa dough topped with stuff--- but for those not familiar, huaraches (meaning 'sandal') are formed with a thin layer of smooth refried bean in the middle of the long flattened flip-flop shaped masa crust... Topped with one of their salsas, the meat of choice, cilantro, onions, and some grated queso anejo... Two big 'ol boys for $8.00! If you get a couple tacos too, which I usually do, it can be a struggle!
    They will make a half order--- a single huarache--- but I have yet to take them up on it...

    We went on the weekend last week to get some Pork & Posole soup (spectacular!!!) and other things, and we were just overwhelmed with awesomeness... Hell of a meal...
    On a previous weekend you see we popped in for some Menudo...

    I'll put up some pics from a few of my/our visits...

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      Bill, thanks for doing this properly. Your pictures are great. Let's go eat at Rana Grill and Kebab so you can put up some nice pictures of their food as well.

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        did either of you ascertain what they meant by saying their mole was "from mexico"? I took it to mean they were having it shipped in. But I could have misunderstood.

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          Yeah, the mole is from Mexico. I have been advocating for them to add a mole negro from Guelaguetza in Los Angeles:

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            OK, so the paste comes from Mexico. I was not clear on that part.

      2. So lucky I saw this when I did because my sister came in from southern California and thought the place reminded her of favorite place there. Three of us had a great feast. I never knew it was there and now I'll be a regular.

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          what did you have? I love the al pastor

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            The Al Pastor tacos were really good. Not as spicy as some places but very flavorful.
            I am glad I got it as tacos so I could really taste it. I got one Al Pastor taco and one sweetbread taco and an order of 3 Sopes. We sat at the counter and watched our tortillas and sopes made by hand and cooked on the griddle. to think ten minutes earlier we were on crazy Dale Mabry. It was an escape. The 3 sopes were one chicken and chipotle, one lengua, and one fajita. Sometimes taco chicken can be dry and boring but this was juicy and spicy. Sister and brother in law got similar things and were very impressed and happy when we left. Oh, he went crazy for the horaches (sp). He never knew what they were but I told him they looked good in the pictures I saw here. They want to go back one more time before they return to CA on Tuesday. We'll probably go this weekend to try the soups. You guys are awesome. thanks!

        2. I love the tacos and huaraches so much at Acapulco that I never explore the specials. I now realize that this is a mistake. Went in today and there was a special of tortas de camaron. I don't really know how to describe it other than saying that it is a shrimp cake. Totally delicious. I was sorry that I split it with my friend. Although splitting did allow me to have a whole batch of tacos. The blood sausage (de rellena) that they have been serving for awhile now is very good as was the cueritos which I hadn't seen on the menu until today.