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Jun 20, 2012 12:04 PM

Need a recommendation for hanover, NH

Are there any restaurants recommended in Hanover /lebanon which are more interesting than pub/college fare?

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  1. Look around the board here, there are a few places, especially if you are willing to do a short bit of driving.

    For upscale American food that's a notch above "pub", Canoe Club isn't bad.

    For ethnic food, either of the Yama locations serve Korean food that's actually good, and not just "good for the Upper Valley".

    For good food and ambiance, Simon Pearce in Quechee is quite good, especially for lunch (I always think they are a little pricey for their dinner menu).

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      Add Stella's Kitchen in nearby Lyme, NH to the list. Great food in a town of 1,100 just north of the food wasteland that is Hanover. Very solid food, mostly Italian, but with plenty of local flavor and ingredients. Bar area very welcoming and the deli/store in front has great takeout. Thin crust pizza is good, but not Stella-r. Good wine selection and overall great value. I highly recommend it.

      I second the Tip Top Cafe in White River Junction. The Tucker Box down the street is also a good coffee shop.

    2. Yama in Hanover is great for Korean and sushi
      Tip Top Cafe in White River is fun and inventive
      canoe Club is not bad, above average American fare
      Jewel of India has a good selection and a Sunday buffet

      Let us know if you need more specifics!

      1. Yama either in Hanover or West Leb

        1. salubre in hanover, good restaurant with a nice atmosphere. it is in the building just next to the post office. it is fairly new. service is good, waitstaff professional and food definitely worth sitting down for. they haven't been open for many months and are definitely on our to-go list of hanover eateries

          1. There is a fabulous little gelato spot right on the main street in Hanover close to Dartmouth....I think it is Marano gelato - Unbelievable!