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Jun 20, 2012 11:58 AM

Off Vine or other close ideas?

Seeing a show at The Hudson in Hollywood. Any ideas for a good meal? I had been to off Vine before the fire. Is that still good? Also considering Son of a Gun in W Hollyowwd and Grub. Open to ideas.

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  1. You might want to think about not being in the heart of Hollywood, but rather sticking to the Larchmont Blvd. area or several places on Melrose, like Osteria momma, Osteria La Buca, or Tere's Mexican Grill if good yet casual Mexican food would be of interest.
    You could also do the Highland Avenue thing, including Street, either Mozza, or Ammo.

    1. I love the food at Los Balcones del Peru on Vine & Delongpre. Hungry Cat is also nearby and good. I agree with the Mozza suggestion. You could always go to some place in nearby Thai Town (Jitlada?). Six months ago, I might have suggested Lou on Vine but I haven't been since they changed ownership and chefs. The concept is supposed to be the same though. Has anyone been there lately?

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      1. re: bg90027

        +1 Los Balcones
        +2 Son of a Gun
        Neutral on Hungry Cat and Cleo
        -2 Off Vine - went recenty and did not enjoy it at all

      2. There have been several strong recommendations on the LA board for Cleo. We haven't been.

        1. Great ideas! Has anyone been to Off Vine recently?I used to love the food and atmosphere - as if you were dining in a private home.

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          1. re: flowergirl

            Atmo -- still nice.
            Food -- lackluster/bland or overseasoned/unimaginative.
            Location -- perfect for many theaters and clubs.