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Jun 20, 2012 11:41 AM

Peacock? Who has had it? Can I roast one on spit whole? $$$?

I am on line for a whole ostrich or emu but I think this would be a neat addition to Bovinova 2013. I know it can be done but I would like hear what you think.


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  1. Have never had any "exotic" poultry, tho would love to try. Imagine a peacock can't be that much different from chicken, quail, pheasant?? A WHOLE ostrich or emu?!? You're gonna need a bigger... oven?!?

    1. Never had it. I know there is/was a farm in PA because I saw their stand at the PA Farm Show a couple of years back. I suspect you might need several, they probably aren't that meaty. (speaking based on the pet ones I remember from a childhood visit to a game preserve)

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      1. I would think they are way to expensive to eat. Chicks can be $50-300 each. But my guess would be they are not much different from pheasant based on the way they are raised and kept.

        I did find a board posting with a post (the very last one) that has some information. That gentleman who posted the last post is a breeder and keeper of exotic birds and he has a lot of knowledge based on other posts he's commented on.

        They also posted a link, which I haven't checked, on various exotic meats.

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        1. re: chrishel

          I have been to exotic meat market before. I one even ordered some llama (It never came) I checked back and said it would be shipping soon. (never came but my card was never charged) Still weary of someone who has my card info.

          If I can find someone within 200 miles I'll bet it will be cheaper. I am putting on a charity event but I still have to pay for the meat.

          1. re: JB BANNISTER

            You could join the website and post to see if there's anyone that raises them near you. But for peafowl, you'll probably not find one that was raised for meat purposes.

            In the Chicago area, there's a infamous meat market, Czimer's. They have all kinds of exotic meats. I say it's infamous because there have been rumors of it being shut down at one time for having live tigers in the back waiting for butchering.

            I drive by it frequently, but I've never been in it. My friend has purchased bear burgers there, but it didn't go over very well with them.

        2. JB: Just must say that I chuckle every time I see one of your posts on your meat exploits. Keep expecting to see plans to roast a whole unicorn, horn and all! Keep us entertained out here in white bread land!

          1. You mean you can cook a peacock? Dang.. I was in Savannah, Georgia not too long ago. They had white ones! I bet they would have been real tasty. :-)

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