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Jun 20, 2012 11:14 AM

ONE is NOT enough... IMO

My kitchen isn't huge but not minute either. Counter top is in almost constant state of clutter. Found a few BIG, pottery crocks a few years back that now hold all my cooking implements... things that used to be in 1-2 " junk drawers... easy access now.

There are a few things that I think just ONE is NOT enough... and don't care if some think I have WAY more than necessary. One of these things is wooden tools... probably have a dozen different wooden tools. Probably have 6+ whisks... from smallish ones face for non-stick pans to a BIG balloon whisk. Have several (maybe 8 or so) spatulas & "spoonulas"... some very flexible silicone, some more rigid, some smaller/narrower spreaders. Think my SIL actually has only ONE of each in her kitchen??

Have way more bowls than I probably need... a "vintage", avocado green, 3-piece, Pyrex set... was a wedding gift MANY years ago. Have a 4 piece set that were found one at a time at yard sales... each looking like they had rarely been used.

I'd rather end up with a dishwasher full of things than have to wash the same thing several times while cooking.

What do you have that some might say you have TOO much of?

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  1. pots and pans...cookbooks..dishes...bowls
    I am trying to consolidate.
    I do use all of my utensils though.

      1. re: Uncle Bob

        Uncle Bob... I LOVE YOU!! Cast iron, especially unusual pieces, is a MAJOR weakness of mine! Right now on the hunt... NEED a deep chicken fryer and muffin/pop-over pans. Well, not exactly NEED but definitely WANT to add to my collection.

        1. re: kseiverd

          Yes i must admit i also probably have too many cast iron skillets... but i scored a huge set of Le Creuset on eBay for $135, so how could i say no?

          1. re: kseiverd

            I have no need for an Aebleskiver cast iron pan. You know that means I MUST have one!

        2. colored silicone spatulas. Every color of the rainbow represented, some in multiple shades, all standing up in one bin on my open stainless steel white dishware shelf, just because it looks cool and is functional. Certain color/style combo's are like my holy grail of spatula and I am helpless to not buy them. And if one needs to get tossed, I obsess about finding just the right one to replace it.
          One day I will switch to rotating collections of just one color, light to dark, or holiday color themes!
          Uh oh. I think I just infected myself with that idea.

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          1. re: splatgirl

            I sometimes think I have too many silicone spatulas and then I do a big baking or cooking session and realize they have all been used. I guess I could have fewer and keep washing them as I cook, but I'd rather not.

            Ditto on stainless steel bowls.

            1. re: Sooeygun

              I have a ton of bowls, a lot of stainless steel and glass bowls in all sizes that I use for prep. (Let's not even get into the collection of ceramic bowls I own that I use for serving.) I just bought 2 new stainless steel bowls a few weeks ago at Marshall's and even though I kept telling myself I didn't need any more bowls I was helpless to resist them. They're just perfect, just the right size and very deep. I find myself using them all the time & i'm so glad I bought them!

              1. re: flourgirl

                Marshalls, TJMax and Homegoods are the enablers!

                1. re: splatgirl

                  True, very true. I was being pretty good about staying out of those stores for a long time but than a Home Goods opened up within a couple of miles of my home. I'm going to have to work much harder on my will power to stay out of there, I just don't have room for any more stuff and I really don't want to get rid of much of it.

          2. I may have too many woks, and I would agree to that. I also have too many spice jars, but I really need them to store the spices. I guess that I just have too many different spices. I also have too many kitchen towels? (8 pieces) Too many Dutch Ovens -- 3. A few sand pots. Too many knives for most people, but I think have just about the right numbers. I think most people definitely think I have too many knife sharpening stones even it isn't that many compares to others.

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            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

              8 kitchen towels is hardly a lot, i have probably 30-40, though that is because i was forced to live without access to decent ones for a while and then said i needed to stock up on good quality ones, enough to last decades.

              I will go through 2 a day, they are not really dirty at the end of the day, but i throw them in the wash anyway and start with fresh ones the next day.

              1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                I think several dozen towels is not excessive. We go through several towels and a dishrag or two a day. However, we don't buy paper towels! Just throw the used towels into a basket by the washer, and wash once a week or so.

                I don't overdo on knives, though -- a few are my faves, and I have duplicates of each of them), but all my knives fit into one in-drawer holder with about a dozen slots.

              2. As long as I adhere to my "use it at least once a year" rule I will contend I do not have "too much" of anything, but I am the kind of addict who'd buy a duck press if the price were right, just to try it. I agree 100% on a preference for a full dishwasher over having to pause and wash as I plow through a meal. I have eight mixing bowls, most sizes of Mason Cash, a gripstand, and a couple made in Ohio. I have never used them all on one meals, but I am not done yet (I hope).

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                1. re: tim irvine

                  My duck press purchased in Europe gets used 2-5 times a year, but primarily for mature chickens.

                  1. re: INDIANRIVERFL

                    Hi, Indianriver:

                    If you ever want to sell that press, let me know.


                    1. re: kaleokahu

                      I don't even know what a duck press is... i must have been living in a culinary free cave.

                      I'll google it... and knowing me probably want to buy one ;(


                      Edit: well there you go... duck press... i am sure I'll be using that one on a regular weekly basis! Ducks grow on trees around here (not literally), but i fear that a duck press will have to wait until i build my mansion.

                      1. re: Sneef

                        Lost the mansion on the Intra Coastal Waterway and am about to lose the duck press. Dear Daughter is coming From Texas with large trailer for all of the stuff I have been storing for 5 years.

                        40 years of All-Clad. Some 50 pieces. Hand forged Japanese knives that he would only sell to a gaijin after 3 hours instruction on the care and sharpening. Antique nickel and copper ware from my favorite flea markets in Paris, Brussels, Metz, Liege, and Munich. Sterling service for 12 including individual asparagus tongs, ice cream forks, berry spoons, luncheon and dinner forks and more.

                        St Louis, Bavarian, and Baccarat crystal. Limoges, Spode, and Villeroy & Boch china in settings starting at 12. Majiolica oyster plates and 2 Asparagus cradles with trays. One for green, the other for white. Sterling Georgian fish knives with walrus tusk ivory handles and a variety of plate serving meat and vegetable platters. Thank you Silver vaults of London for the last two.

                        Forgot the German chicken press.

                        The Spode was service for 36 plus as we liked to entertain in our 25X25 foot dining room. The boat I have been living on for the last 6 years is shorter.

                        Dear Daughter just discovered a few months ago about frozen dinners and that they are not all bad. Another parent untruth revealed.