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Jun 20, 2012 10:49 AM

Smith Street lunch?

I like to get out for lunch during the week since I work at home. What are some new/good/interesting lunch options on Brooklyn's Smith?

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  1. Arthur's is supposed to have a good lunch. It's only been open for a couple of weeks now, I think. Personally I have not been there, but I hear good things.

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      Arthur's has a terrific brunch and wine list - haven't been there yet for lunch, thanks.

    2. How new is new to you? what places do you like?

      Ive been jonesing for a Van Horn fried chicken sandwich for a while, gotta go get one soone . . .

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        New is, I dunno, the last year to 1.5 years. I've eaten at a lot of places on Smith north of Douglass. Of late I notice several new venues further South. E.g. Brooklyn Canteen (?) looks interesting.

      2. Just had a solid lunch at HBH gourmet sandwiches and smoked meats. Excellant unique sandwiches and apps.

        407 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY 11231
        (347) 689-9478

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          i work from home sometimes, too!

          Most of these places aren't new, but thought I'd list them in case you haven't tried them yet:

          -Brooklyn Canteen has some great food sandwiches and salads - same owners as Seersucker, I believe.
          -Hophap - Thai restaurant that, while certainly not attaining Elmhurst levels of greatness, has affordable lunch specials
          -Cubana Cafe also has some decent items

          Not on Smith but good:

          -Mile End has interesting and delicious sandwiches
          -Cobblestone Foods has some great sandwiches, too - love the turkey and the catfish po' boy (it's not trying to be an authentic Louisiana-style replica)
          -Ted & Honey - a bit further of a walk to Clinton St, but have nice sandwiches, salads and soups
          -Hibino - a walk to Henry st. mainly sushi, salad and cooked specials
          -Fisherman's Dawta - they don't seem to have predictable hours but their Jamaican food is great. I also love how they're counter service. Makes lunch less of a pain to get.
          -Bar Bruno - might also be a hike since it's on Henry and Union. I've only tried their dinner but perhaps lunch is worth a shot. They also have a takeout window.
          -Ferdinando's Focacceria - classic
          -Buschenshank - German food or Pizza, woo!
          -Van Horn -already mentioned (their fried chicken sandwich is great)
          -Defonte's - if you can trek out to Red Hook for a giantic Brooklyn Italian sandwich

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            and thanks for the reminder about HBH - can't wait to try it!

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              BTW, just so people are looking for the right place it's Smith Canteen http://smithcanteen.com/ It can be very good to great. As waxyjax notes, same owners as Seersucker. Only place in the city I've seen serving burgoo. (It was excellent, but sadly served a little lukewarm -- I still devoured it quickly.)

          2. Dude- get thee to Court Street Grocers and order the turkey club.

            It's the best $12 you will ever spend in your life- and I've been to Cuba.

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              This is interesting to me. Which one is Court Street Grocers, is that the more upscale looking place down around 2nd Place or so, sort of a Union Market clone? What makes the Club so good?