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Jun 20, 2012 10:41 AM

People participating in a thread?

There used to be rows of icons on the right that showed who was participating in each thread. I was going to go back and do an informal survey of which cookbooks, and which subjects had the most participants in the COTM, but I don't see those icons any longer. Are they gone for good?

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  1. Hi L.Nightshade,

    That sounds like an excellent use of the "people participating" module that we had on the righthand column. Unfortunately, we found that very few people were using the module at all, let alone as thoughtfully as you were. We have removed it for good, but are definitely considering new ways to show the level of participation on threads. Hearing about use cases like yours definitely helps us spec out these ideas, so keep them coming.

    I'm sorry to hear that your informal survey is thwarted for the time being. Perhaps we can help you figure out the information you're looking for from our side. Are you wondering which of the past 12 COTM threads had the most participants? I can help you out with that.

    Thanks, Meredith

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    1. re: mudaba

      Thanks Meredith. Honestly, it was more for my curiosity than anything else. From time to time there are conversations on COTM about waning participation, and the occasional mention of disbanding COTM, or replacing it with another format. I've been the coordinator for a few months, and it seems to me that the nomination thread and voting threads are very active. I was interested in comparing the selection threads with the actual participation for each month, and in looking at the general trend of participation over time. I know I can view the number of posts to each thread, but sometimes there are a lot of conversational posts between a couple of people, so that is not necessarily an accurate indication.

      1. re: L.Nightshade

        That would be very interesting information to have, L.Nightshade. I’ve often wondered what percentage of those who participate in the nomination and voting threads actually contribute to COTM. I do hope you’ll share with us whatever statistics you or The Chowhound Team come up with.

        1. re: JoanN

          Funny, but my curiousity took the same line yesterday, but perhaps in a different percentage - that of recipes posted; i.e.

          I was/am interested in the recipes posted for each section of the upcoming COTM "Fish without a Doubt." So I am copying the COTM March 2009 FWAD recipes posted, and of course, without saying, it will give the person who posted (or particpated) in the particular portion/thread of each of the subjects of the book.

          Close, but no cigar?

          Just commenting.

      2. re: mudaba

        "That sounds like an excellent use of the "people participating" module that we had on the righthand column. Unfortunately, we found that very few people were using the module at all, ..."

        I'm not sure your method of measuring accurately reflects actual use. As a long time CH member I've come to highly value the opinions of certain posters. When I saw they were participating in a thread I was much more likely to read it all the way through. I might not have clicked on "People Participating" but I certainly used it.

        I'd like to see it come back.

        BTW, I fully appreciate how difficult it is to attempt to improve the site's design. Thanks for your efforts.

        1. re: Bob Martinez

          Another way to skin that Nauga could be to follow those posters whose opinions you value...

          1. re: Servorg

            I've been wondering how to do this. But, if the poster has many, many posts, would they come into a page of its own; do you get these by email? Is there, if you know, or anyone knows, where I can find the FAQ for this particular scenario? Thanks.

            1. re: Rella

              You can follow a poster by clicking the +Follow button at the top of his or her profile page. The poster will appear to you under People I'm Reading on your profile page. If you click on Following on your profile page, the Reading List feature shows threads that people you're following have posted to. That's the extent of it.

            2. re: Servorg

              I'm already doing that. I found the "People Participating" feature useful as well.

        2. If there's a unique way to capture the folks like me following along each month by reading and learning (without owning the material to participate) I'd love to know the length of that line!