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Jun 20, 2012 09:56 AM

Beer Snob Steak Lover and and Italian Food Wine Lover

Is there a restaurant in NYC for my husband and I? He is a beer snob that likes craft beers like Magic Hat, Troegs, Dogfish and Victory. He will try any craft beer that does not have hops and is not a pale ale. Me on the other had prefers wine, and since it is summer, whites and roses but nothing too dry. As for food, he prefers some beef like a steak, or a burger. He hates seafood and when the menu has too much unknown foods or that he can't pronounce. If there is a burger on the menu, he is usually satisfied, though. Me on the other hand likes a lot of light fare, sometimes seafood, Italian food or pastas and vegetarian dishes.

So does anybody know where we could together and both be happy? The closest we came to finding a restaurant we both liked was a wine bar that also had a good beer selection but they didn't have anything for my husband to eat. I appreciate the help. Thanks.

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  1. Are you opposed to Brooklyn? Speedy Romeo could satisfy both cravings.

    1. the Tavern at Grammercy Tavern might work. It certainly has he beer and wine options.

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        I was just thinking about Grammercy. I have been there but my husband has not. Definetly a possibility and Leah, we have never been to Brooklyn (we live in west NJ) but I supposed we could .

          1. Manzo is the obvious choice - it's Italian, it's beef-centric, and there are great craft beer and wine options. (Sadly, though Batali is now enamored with beer, he hasn't spread the beer love to his outposts outside of Eataly - I wish Babbo had a better beer selection...)

            Gramercy and Colicchio & Sons, also already mentioned, have always had good beer lists, as does Riverpark - Colicchio is a fan of the suds, seems most of what he touches will have a good list - Craft and Craftbar would both probably have similar lists as well. And there's always SOME kind of beef entree at all of them.

            That said, these are mostly high-ish end places (Crafbar and Riverpark more midrange) and we have no idea what kind of place you're looking for - a casual, cheap night out? Midrange? Fancy-shmancy? If he's looking for a solid burger... I suppose not fancy.

            I know someone will recommend DBGB eventually on this thread, since "craft beer" and "burger" are involved - so I'll get a step ahead and say I find them staggeringly overpriced on the burgers which are barely larger than sliders and cost nearly $20 after you've included the tax and tip. Might leave a steak-lover a bit unsatisfied. (That said, the rest of the food - outside the burgers & sausages - is quite reasonably priced for what you get. And the selection of table wines is decent as well.)

            As I recall, Minetta Tavern had a decent (if not terribly large) beer list. And they know their beef there. Also Marc Forgione has a short, but well-curated list - and the food is hearty and bold while being complex enough for those looking for something a bit "more" out of their meal. They're a good place for pretentious food snobs like us and unpretentious non-foodies alike.