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Jun 20, 2012 09:48 AM

Quebec City restaurants

looking for suggestions for restaurants in quebec city , emphasis on dishes of the area using quality local products , price point of perhaps $35-50/person or lower not including wine.
We are staying at the chateau frontenac and have a car.

thanks in advance for any help

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  1. Ask the concierge at the Chateau they have so great recommendations!
    Just in front of the Chateau : Le Pain Béni
    A few steps away : Le Patriarche
    In Lower Town but with higher prices: Toast and Echaudé

    1. We Texans loved this place! Food we don't get here and reminiscent of our vacation in Brittany. Food was great; service warm and welcoming.

      1. Just got back from a road trip and ate at Restaurant Louis Hebert in Quebec City on Grand-Allee East which was excellent. Restaurant was in a good area and only a four minute walk from our hotel. Lots of restaurants to choose from on this street.

        I ordered the steak tartare and it came with salad and frites. The steak tartare was very tasty and had a hint of citrus. Well prepared. I loved it and so did hubby when he tasted it. Hubby had the duck with cranberries and brussel sprout leaves on top of mashed potatoes. It was really good and almost had a xmas dinner taste due to the cranberry sauce. It was very savoury. Duck was juicy and not fatty at all. We both loved our meals and would eat here again.

        Service was friendly and prompt, although not rushed.

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