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Jun 20, 2012 09:19 AM

Duluth in November

I know about Uncle Louies but I am looking for other great places to eat. Every post I seached is too old. so anyone eat something good in Duluth in the last year?.

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  1. My sister and her husband travel up to Duluth about once a month just to get away from the city. Their default go-to is Fitger's Brewhouse for their wild rice burger, although they have been very happy with other items on the menu as well.

    Fitgers is actually going to open up another location in the north loop sometime in the near future too if you decide you don't want to travel all the way up to Duluth for some good beer.

    1. If you just want a simple lunch, Amazing Grace has great soup and sandwiches.

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        I regret to say, avoid the breakfasts at Amazing Grace. Our breakfast at Amazing Grace this summer was our single most disappointing meal of our visit to Duluth. Nothing on either of our plates was worth eating. Not the overcooked eggs, not the near-raw yet greasy potatoes, not even the toast. How very sad for a bakery to not even be able to make decent toast. What the heck happened to this place in the year since we'd been here?

        Our second most disappointing (and fairly expensive) meal was dinner at Lake Avenue Cafe. My husband's trout was so overcooked it was almost criminal (but his sides were okay, except they were boiling hot--too long in the microwave perhaps). My braised short-ribs were good, but my side dishes were disappointing. Pretentious, loud patrons at the tables on either side of us and really odd service. Plus, the place is in disrepair. We were locked out on the patio for 5-10 minutes because the sliding glass door didn't work. I might have ranked this experience worse than Amazing Grace (it was certainly a bigger waste of money), except that a couple of things we were served were actually good, whereas nothing at Amazing Grace was.

        Our surprisingly good (not exceptional, just good) meal was at Midi in Fitgers. Their breakfast was actually okay, and a hundred times better than Amazing Grace. Gorgeous view of the lake from the dining room, which is located right off the bike/walking path if you wanted to walk or cycle there. Service painfully distracted and scatterbrained.

        Wild rice burgers at Fitger's Brewhouse were as solid as ever.


      2. Hopefully the gales aren't blowing too hard.

        We usually do the Pickwick. Old-style dining with some pretty traditional classics. Apparently, they remodeled a bit according to their website. But the menu still looks appealing and I know they make a really good steak/prime rib. It's where the old money goes. It isn't going to be creative, just good classic supper club food. If you get a window seat, nice views of the lake as well.

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          I've only been to the Pickwick once since the ownership change, but I thought the quality wasn't what it used to be.

        2. What old posts do you mean? You need to check the Great Lakes Board. Was just there last summer.

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            Thanks I did check that out. Sad to say allot of them are gone. But I did get some good ideas so thanks.

          2. We've eaten at Va Bene Caffe several times, and have always enjoyed it. Italian, very good quality, nice space, good service. Their sorbets are killer good.