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Jun 20, 2012 09:10 AM

Chopped Salad

Summer heat always sends me looking for a good chopped salad, or any chopped salad. Danton's used to have a good one topped with crab but they have switched to mixed greens. The Houston Club has several choppers working their salad bar at lunch, you fill your bowl with veg of your choice and they go to town chopping it for you. Any recs for cool chopped salad in town?

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  1. Try the Roka Cabana at Piola. 456 ROKA CABANA A layered tower of arugula, mozzarella fior di latte, diced tomatoes, diced yellow bell peppers, pistachio nuts, pomegranate dressing (!!Allergy Advice: contains pistachio nuts). $12.50.

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    1. re: JJC

      Yowza, I found this picture of said salad on the intertubes:

      Time for a trip back to Piola! That looks divine.

      Ms. Shilcutt ran a salad blog entry on Eating Our Words this week and I see that someone also recommends Vic and Anthony's in the comments for chopped salad. It is made with salami, however, but maybe that can be excluded, it seems wrong for a chopped salad. Thanks for the idea, JJC!

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        That does look awfully good.

        A search for "chopped salad" on Yelp turned up quite a list, some of which may be of interest:

        Are you just looking for something chopped to order from ingredients you specify?

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          No, just a good chopped salad, dressing already tossed in! It must be old school...spring lettuces and baby greens are all that now!

    2. Here you go Lambowner. I saw this and thought of this old thread. No locations here ....... yet.

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        Some friends on the East coast were saying the same thing. Apparently they are rife with fast food chopped salad places. I explained that we have no such thing, but we do sport a gourmet burger joint on nearly every corner. I would be so happy if just one of the chains would open here and throw a little vegetable at the burgers. I can't agree with the author of this article, chopped salads are easy to eat. Lettuce doesn't slide across your cheek and radishes don't drop in your lap while attempting to eat it, and you get a little of everything in every bite. Everyone knows you don't order a salad when on a date or interview, because the potential for embarrassment is so high. Here's one of those chains, I may send a begging email to them:

        1. re: Lambowner

          I think the author was going for a little humor. I wouldn't mind trying one if they came to town so tell them there are 2 potential customers! Of course, it'll be in Montrose or Heights, though.

          I would try Salata or Freshii if one were convenient to me but I don't think they are destination dining type places.