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Jun 20, 2012 08:39 AM

Truly low-carb tasty yogurt

I get an aftertaste on the Carb-Master low-carb yogurts, but love yogurt, especially Greek Yogurt... so....

I got the Greek Yogurt, plain, that ISN'T 0% fat (1% or 2% usually have lower carbs). I mix that in with the Polaner All-Fruit Sugar Free jelly. Believe it or not, it's bloody tasty. And only about 5 carbs per serving. Yum! Several different flavors, no aftertaste. Joy!

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  1. I use 2% or full fat Fage Greek yogurt, vanilla extract, some walnut pieces and a few berries and a drop of sweetzfree liquid... blueberries and vanilla with nuts feels like a major treat to me. I agree with you about the off taste of the low carb yogurt... chalky, too.

    1. Hello GreenDragon i have become a fan of Chobani's plain greek yogurt with cinnamon, chia seeds,cantelope, and if starvn like Marvin I will add roasted soy nuts or some almonds(just a few)....sometimes i add flaxseeds instead of the chia seeds and vary the fruit with whatever is in season...are delicious too...I used to eat the Chobani with their own fruit flavored varies, and switched after realized how much healthier it would be to just customize my own with their plain yogurt. I don't taste any after taste after adding cinnamon and or apple pie spice, however my 16 yo daughter can not get past the sour smell.... Hope that helps :)

      1. Just saw this thread....I only buy plain yogurt, the Fage full fat. I add a couple drops of sf maple syrup. I'm a maple hound so I love it. DH likes it with a few raspberries and pecans, both minced fine and mixed in.

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          I love vanilla yogurt, so I add vanilla extract, a drop of sweetzfree and some walnut pieces or a few bluberries. I buy Fage 2% mostly to save calories, but the full fat is just divine.

        2. We use the goat yogurt from Trader Joe's.

          Generally, with dairy products, the higher the fat content, the lower the carb. count.

          We're eating paleo/primal, so enjoy the full-fat (only version in goat yogurt I've found).

          During the summer we pick our own fruit and freeze it for year-round eating. One could also buy it at the grocery.

          Ingred's we add, include our selection from:

          • fruit (thawed in microwave); if apples, heated until soft
          • nuts
          • ground flax seed
          • protein powder
          • cinnamon
          • dash of chinese 5-spice
          • vanilla
          • as little maple syrup/brown sugar as possible--sometimes none
          • CRYSTALIZED GINGER (my personal fav)
          • garnish of fresh mint (very nice finisher taste)

          1. Love Cabot full fat Greek yogurt with a little sugar-free jelly or jam. It's rich, tasty and the lowest carb I've found.

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              Don't go by the carb count on the label, it includes the lactose from the constituents before fermentation, which converts the sugars to lactic acid.