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Jun 20, 2012 08:38 AM

LA solo chow looking for recommendations

Coming into town late on Sunday (post 7p) and staying in a hotel in the "perimeter" (everything is sold out - big convention week apparently). Can anyone recommend a dinner place where a solo diner could eat at the bar?

Also looking for breakfast and maybe lunch recommendations for Monday. I'll have a car and need to be in Buckhead during the day and downtown on Monday night. Oh yeah, Tuesday breakfast/brunch is needed as well.

Not crazy about Chinese or traditional French and I can get good sushi here.

Would like to try to keep it to $40 plus tip/alcohol.

Thanks for the help.

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  1. I'd recommend Houston's for solo bar dining in the perimeter area. As far as Buckhead is concerned, another excellent solo/bar dining is Bricktop's in Buckhead. Other brunch/lunch places in Buckhead are: Corner Cafe @ 3070 Piedmont Road, (404) 240-1978, and Bricktop's, Bistro Nikko, and Nava (also outside dining). Enjoy!!

    1. Not sure if you mean Perimeter as in Perimeter Mall area (say between Ashford Dunwoody and GA 400 along 285. If not, you should be more specific.

      FYI, there isn't a Houston's in that area. Chequer's and McKendrick's (bobstripower's guaranteed recommendation) are close by, thought the latter might be out of your price range. There's an Alon's off Ashford Dunwoody that would be good for pastry, etc for breakfast.

      Lunch in Buckhead could take the form of Farm Burger, soup/salad at Souper Jenny, or Local Three, off the top of my head. Thought of STG Trattoria and Heirloom Marked (BBQ) but neither is open Monday.

      If you're headed toward the airport Tues, you could do the original Alon's in Morningside, Highland Bakery or somewhere else on the way toward the airport.

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        as usual Teds right--but its way over 40 bucks if you want to have a meal at MvKendricksl--if just a salad,oysters and a drink they have a great bar --Steaks et all run at least 30.My wife and I went there last week and it was incredible as usual.If you just ate appetizers at the bar,id get the lobster mashed potatoes--theyre new to the menu, and consist of the best mashed youll ever have, alots of lobster chunks--i think its like 18 bucks--youd be out the door under 40
        Theres also J Alexanders (attention Ted) which bought out Houstons spot, and they kept it exactly the same.
        Many folks eat at Flemings at the bar---they have very good bar menu,with a terrific home made burger,and deep fried lobster tails as well. Brios (italian) have happy hour special with all kinds of big appetziers at half off--their bruschetta is excellent, as is their calamari

      2. Thanks guys. While I mentioned sitting at the bar, upon reflection that's probably not necessary. Chains aren't exactly my thing but you've given me some good direction and I appreciate it.

        Keep it coming too!

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          My Sunday night choices....lots of places are closed on Sunday night. None are at "the perimeter" so you would have to drive into Atlanta midtown/westside/buckhead area. These choices could be good too for your Monday night when you are in "downtown".

          4th and Swift
          JCT Kitchen (southern meat and three in a formal way)
          STG Trattoria (Buckhead)--closed Monday
          Ecco (midtown...very fun place with smaller plates..European inspired but I think you would like this place)...

          All are good for solo dining.

          Good recommendations already given for Buckhead lunch time.

          Up at the perimeter for breakfast and lunch...Gruby's NY Deli

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            at the Mall is maggianos, very good value and decent Italian and Goldfish--my memory tells me they dont have abar

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              FWIW, Alon's location on Ashford Dunwoody is only its second. Not much of a chain. Most of the other suggestions are, but that's just the deal near the mall.

              I was just looking at McKendrick's website and the lunch special next week looks pretty good.

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                let me know how it is--my fav place for great burgers is Flemings,but ivenever had it at Mcks--if Taco is there hes a great waiter--also, i know your getting tired of my commentary Im sure, but if they could give you some of their lobster mashed, theyre incredible--If you get Taco, and ask him for a small tasing sample, hell do it tell him hi from Bob

            2. The original comment has been removed