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Jun 20, 2012 08:32 AM

NYC hound seeks SD aid

I'll be in SD for 3 days and would greatly appreciate help with my list of where to eat. Here's what I have so far:

La Fachada and/or Tacos El Paisa for tacos
Las Cuatro Milpas for the chorizo bowl
Ota for sushi
Green Flash brewery for beer tasting

Kitchen 1540

Here's what I'm looking for:

A nice restaurant for a celebratory meal in SD proper (i.e. not Del Mar) with good cocktails, seafood, and wine. No $100+ tasting menus but anything beneath the top $$ level would be fine.

A good place for oysters and beers (perferably outdoors but indoors with a view would work) in the afternoon/early evening.

A good place for fish tacos. I'm already going to be getting my Mexican meat taco fix (see above) but would also like a more SD taco shack experience with some fried fish action.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I would add George's on the Cove dining on the casual ocean terrace or Eddie V's in LJ.
    Flavor Del Mar or Kitchen 1540
    Kaito for sushi
    Aqui es Texcoco in Chula Vista for potato taquitos and barbacoa
    Super Cocina or Mama Testas
    South Beach in OB for fish tacos but get the sauce on the side
    Bull Taco
    Fish Market Oyster bar downtown for oysters and anchor steam on tap..sushi bar is great too with bayfront patio for drinks and apps.
    Island Prime outside patio for drinks and apps.
    Stone brewery for beers and then head to Hacienda de Vega for dinner

    Have fun!

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      +1 for Kaito. It's much more relaxed (read: less crowded), the chefs are more personable, and (I think) the fish is better. Reservations at the bar are recommended.

      It can be a bit out of the way depending on where you're staying and what you're going to be doing in SD, though.

    2. Thanks for being so specific. Makes it much easier.

      A nice restaurant for celebratory meal etc = George's Bar, with a seat by the window. Their mussels are some of the best I've ever had or The Fishery in Pacific Beach, although no cocktails, just a decent wine list, but very fresh fish. It's associated with a premier fish wholesaler in the same building.

      fish tacos = if you're not doing a taco truck, my personal favorite is Don Bravo Bahia in Bird Rock. It's a locals place, and there are stools out back where you can sneak a peak of the Pacific. Maybe not the best fish tacos in SD, but a place my NYC friends and Brooklyn daughter love.

      1. The Fish Market has a decent oyster bar and fish taco, or you can try the upstairs patio at its sister restaurant Top of the Market. Both serve solid seafood with a great view.

        1. South Beach has 1/2 price appetizers for HH and that includes getting the plate of oysters at around $1/per. Their beer selection is not great but there are usually at least 1 or 2 taps of the flagship beer from a local brewery. Indoors but ocean views in a few spots of the bar. I don't dislike their fish tacos but any of the Mariscos trucks mentioned on the board will be better.

          I am not the biggest Green Flash fan so I would suggest Alesmith or Ballast Point (Old Grove location) for beer tasting in that general vicinity. If you are hitting multiple breweries, Hess is also in that area.

          1. Eddie V's outside patio in La Jolla for oysters - best view in San Diego (even better than George's). Follow it up with their lobster taco (house made herb corn tortillas). Not authentic fish taco mexican style, but it is excellent. Be sure to make a reservation or you will probably be out of luck on the outside view tables.