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Jun 20, 2012 08:21 AM

A guide to tasting maharashtrian/marathi food in Pune.

I believe maharashtrian cuisine is pretty much underrepresented on the web, so I thought of creating a list.
Vadapav is what one would usually associate marathi food with, however there is a lot in store for the discerning chowhound.
Like it's cousin gujarati food, marathi food uses several flavoring agents like peanuts,sesame,coconut,jaggery, cocoum, asafoetida along with the usual garam masala.
Now here comes the list, you would be able to locate all these places on google maps.

1. Badshahi, on Tilak Road. go there for the best maharashtrian snacks like misal, sabudana vada, thalipeeth( a must try,hard to get outside homes). The meals too are good,but it's tough to get a seat.

2. Bedekar misal, Narayan Peth. Go there for the most lip smacking misal-pav.

3. SiddhiVinayak dining hall, Tilak Road. I consider this to be the most authentic marathi thali.

4. Shreyas dining hall, Apte Road- another good thali.

5. Bipin snacks- Karve Road,near Sahyadri Hospital. The sabudana khichadi pav-pattice.

6. Girija, near Nal stop, KArve Road. the rural variant of marathi cuisine is served here. Try the pithla bhakri and "kurdai" and "solkadhi" here.

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  1. We're planning to bring a bunch of americans to pune this winter, so this advice is much appreciated. having been once before i have to ask how the thali places you mention compare with Krishna Dining Hall, with which we were rather smitten.

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    1. re: tex.s.toast

      Krishna is pretty good, though you wont find a lot of traditional recipes on their menu.
      I feel the food at Shreyas is better,but you would have to wait for atleast some 30mins if going on weekends.
      "Puran poli" and "ukadiche modak" and "basundi" are sweets one should try at thali places,shreyas does all of these well.

    2. Wonderful list. More, please! :-)