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Jun 20, 2012 07:03 AM

Mexican Menu Ideas for Shabbos Lunch

I am planning to make a Mexican lunch this Shabbos, but vegetarian chili, guacamole and tortilla chips with salsa was as far as I got. I would like to add tacos to my list, but last time I put the meat in my crock pot, it was completely dried out.

Any suggestions for Shabbos day tacos as well as other Mexican themed non-dairy items would be most appreciated.


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  1. Your menu sounds more Tex-Mex than Mexican, but a favorite Mexican-ish salad is diced jicama, cucumber, and fruit in a 1:1:1 ratio (I've used mango or cantaloupe, but other soft, brightly colored fruit would work nicely), plus chopped cilantro, a mild chile powder, salt to taste, and lime juice.

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      Oooo, that sounds awesome! Thank you!

    2. Gazpacho or a fruit gazpacho (just add diced peaches or mango to a regular gazpacho recipe). Ceviche. You can do more of a fajita (Tex-Mex) than a taco. Just cut up strips of skirt steak, marinate them for a day and grill (along with strips of colored peppers, sliced onions and mushrooms) before shabbos. You can warm them in leftover marinade the next day. Then serve them in flour tortillas with a touch of Sour Supreme.

      We also do a twist on guacamole which comes out more salad-like. Just halve grape tomatoes, cut the avocado into cubes, add chopped shallots or red onion, chopped cilantro and then toss with fresh lime juice.

      1. I made a "chilaquiles casserole" recently, adapting a recipe from Eating Well. You can use parve Daiya cheese (I used their pepperjack version) for a bisari version. I also added soy meat into the veggie sauté for a chalavi meal, but you can certainly use ground beef for a bisari meal. For dessert, you can do Mexican chocolate ice cream or sorbet.

        As for meat drying out, I use an unblech and chili never dries out on it, but I don't use crockpots, so I have no advice for that.

        1. I made this for Shavuot. You can substitute the cheese with canned pinto beans.

          Can be served at room temp.

          1. I do not know if you were thinking fleishig - but make a cholent using taco seasons either with or without beans - shred the meat and serve with tortillas -