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Jun 20, 2012 06:29 AM

Eating in and around public markets in Rome.

I'm in a the planning stage for a long week in Rome in September (probably 2nd or 3rd week); so this is a generic question, as I have not decided where to stay (location, hotel vs. appart., ... )

One thing I'm looking into is to visit the different markets in all part of the city.

Other than buying food from the markets sellers and making a picnic, is it usual to find small eateries in the markets like there are in Spanish markets, or close by ?

I found this list of markets :
Is it accurate/up to date ? do you have an alternative ?

I assume by September, all markets will be overflowing with fresh produces, is there something in particular to be looking for ?

When I'm decided on dates and location, I will be more precise in my questions (restaurants and reservations).



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  1. The markets of Rome are overflowing with fresh produce all year round. People who just come in the summer never know that they've missed some of the most interesting vegetables. Mid-September is still pretty summery, so there will still be a preponderance of zucchini (Roman variety, best in universe), peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, lot of fresh borlotti beans, maybe the sweet small figs known as settembrini. There will still be green beans, and possibly the beginning of broccolo romanesco and broccoli and broccoletti. In the fruit department, also grapes (look for pizzutello), prickly pears, and I forget what else. Kaki will be coming but it will probably be too early. Pears.

    Rome doesn't have the sort of in-market eateries common elsewhere (including Florence), but you can't walk two blocks in Rome without finding something to eat and certainly there are small eateries within striking distance of the markets or just outside them.

    1. The main thing missing from your list are two of the Farmer's markets located pretty centrally. On is on Via San Teodoro, near Circo Massimo, and the other is in the ex-Mattatoio. Both take place only on Saturday and Sunday. The one near Circo Massimo does have a very rough and tumble eat in pot. Great porchetta, and sometimes other things.

      But to answer your question, no, the markets of Rome don't have eat in restaurants like Barcelona, or even like in Florence. But as Maureen pointed out, you just have to walk a block away to find something simple, cheap and good.

      1. the new testaccio market has opened and there is a stall called mordi e vai, which sells sandwiches to eat on the fly. gina tringali has the story: http://ginatringali.gtfoodandtravel.c...

        here are the venue detials

        Mordi e Vai…Gastronomia “romanesca” di Sergio Esposito
        Nuovo Mercato Testaccio
        Via A. Volta – Box 15