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Jun 20, 2012 06:13 AM

Indian Food in Chicago

Looking for recommendations for the best places to go for Indian food in Chicago. Prefer BYOB. Thanks!

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  1. Devon Avenue is the epicenter of our Indian cuisine. I'm partial to the South Indian vegetarian deliciousness of Mysore Woodlands. Get the dosas.
    But if you're going to be based in the suburbs, there are some very good Indian restaurants there as well, so just let us know.

    1. Where in Chicago will you be? Downtown are India House, Klay Oven, Jaipur Palace. Lincoln Park has a branch of Hema's. But, truly, if you are in Chicago looking for a bit of India or Pakistan then Devon Avenue (aka Ghandi Marj) is the only game in town. Around Devon and Western and going west from there for several blocks the streets are lined with Indian and Pakistani restaurants, bakeries, sweet shops, grocery stores, electronics stores, sari stores, shops selling Hindu religous items, jewelry shops, and video stores advertising their wares in "Hindi, Urdu, English, and Nintendo". Do not miss. Personally I like the food at Viceroy of India but when I once had jury duty with an Indian guy who lived up there he swore there is no food like that at Udupi Palace. Post back if you need directions for getting there on public transportation.

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        As a south Indian I will say definitively that Udupi Palace has declined in quality over the last 10 years to the point that I don't even bother going there. According to my parents it changed management to north Indians (this is not verified) but I can speak to the actual food - skippable.

        For north Indian I like Uru Swati. Mysore Woodlands is probably a good bet for south Indian. Viceroy is pricey but also good. For cheap, greasy, delicious food even late at night, try Ghareeb Nawaz.

        I don't mind any of the downtown restaurants Querencia mentioned for your generic "Indian" food, though. They all do the job.

        Note: I am not sure about BYOB at these places, and speak from the perspective of a vegetarian.

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          Your input is much appreciated.

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            Sure! Also, if suburbs are in scope I strongly recommend India Bistro in Palatine - they catered my wedding and many, many guests commented on the food. Our friends from Bombay claimed it was a very authentic representation of Bombay style food.

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              I am somewhat hesitant to trust one that refers to Mumbai as Bombay.

              Do those friends like Rangoli? I have heard both positive and negative reports.

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                Many people still refer to Mumbai as Bombay, Chennai as Madras, etc... both Indians that moved away before the name changes, and those that still live there. For some, old habits die hard (like my family) and I suspect for some it's even an odd point of pride. Anyway, I don't know about Rangoli - but the menu / pictures look good. Worth a try!

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              I dearly love the channa batura at Udupi Palace. I think that this one dish is worth going for, though the rest of the offerings may be nothing special. I have not been in the past 6 months, though, so my information is not necessarily up to date.

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                seeing as channa batura is a north indian dish, that sort of reinforces the point :) udupi is a style of south indian cooking named after a town in karnataka. not to say that channa batura isn't eaten in the south, but it's funny if the dish worth going for has nothing to do with udupi style food or south indian food in general.

                i am sure the dosais are still fine (harder to mess up), but wouldn't count on much of the rest of the south indian selection.

          2. In addition to the many places on Devon, I think Sankalp and Priya in Schaumburg (a NW burb) are also quite good. Both specialize in South Indian food.

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              We ate at Sankalp a few days ago. It was very good.