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Jun 20, 2012 06:07 AM


Does anyone have any favorite restaurants in the Asheville, NC area? I've lived here for 20 years and have been more dissapointed than impressed.

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  1. Welcome to Chowhound! I must say i am very surprised by your post, as I think Asheville probably has more good restaurants per capita than virtually any city I've ever visited. Where have you been? What kind of food do you like?

    Just so you know, Chowhound has a very neat "search" feature than enables you to find previous posts on any topic. For example, on the Southeast Board (where this post will be moved to) you enter "Asheville" into the search box at the upper right hand corner of the screen, and you will find dozens of posts discussing great chow in Asheville. For example:

    You might want to try Curate, Zambra, Tupelo Honey, White Duck Taco, 12 Bones, Sunny Point, The Admiral...the list goes on and on...

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      Wow! I'd love to hear what you have tried and not liked. I love living in Asheville and think there is an abundance of excellent food in the area!

      1. re: miss piggy

        Yes, hearing what you don't like would be helpful.

      2. re: carolinadawg

        What you said, dawg. I live in the Triangle where we're reasonably proud our dining scene, but I look forward to our annual trip to Asheville as I believe you have more great restaurants per capita than we do, by a long shot. I regret that we always have so little time to try new places. Curate and 12 Bones are favorites and White Duck is on our short list to try.

      3. Have you tried Admiral (I know kind of tacky area) or Tupelo Honey - or Vincenzo's? For its size I think the Asheville area is excellent!

        1. Hey justdonna. Coming recently from Houston, we're pretty darn spoiled with great food choices. After a scant month in Asheville, I was feeling pretty disappointed too. But then the hits started coming, and we're starting to feel pretty positive about AVL's options.
          A short list of things we've found and loved:
          The chili cheeseburger and fries and BurgerWorx
          The ribeye and cioppino at Modesto's
          The cherry lemonade with Ketel One at Carmel's (don't bother with a meal)
          The catfish sandwich at Moe's BBQ
          The piping hot pepperoni and mushroom pizza at Asheville Pizza and Brewing
          The shrimp taco at White Duck Taco
          Hmm.... Maybe the list was longer than I thought. (:
          We've had some mediocre and some actually pretty lousy food here, but the hunt is totally worth it! Good luck. Hope you find something awesome.