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Jun 20, 2012 05:58 AM

G. Garvin's new show. Anyone tried it?

I like his cookbooks well enough.

It looks like he goes ont he road - sort of a Guy Fieiri-ish format.

Anyone seen an episode?


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  1. I watched half of an episode, all I see is another man salivating over food.

    1. I watched the one about Asheville NC last night. Having been to Asheville maybe I was expecting too much. A fair amount of the segment was him at a great butcher shop and driving in his truck from place to place being a tad obnoxious.

      1. I enjoy this show, but sometimes... The latest episode, "Best of the Bayou," goes to New Orleans and highlights a restaurant called "Three Muses" with a chef from the Bronx whose signature dish is hanger stake piled on a crab cake. There's not one indigenous New Orleans or Louisiana dish on their menu. Seems like Garvin chose it because they have live music. Whatever this is, it can't be the best of the Bayou!

        1. Well, I live in Brooklyn, so I decided to watch his episode on Brooklyn. He visited Pies 'N' Thighs, Burger Bistro and Breukelen Distillery. I didn't have high expectations based on his ads trying to show him to be cooler than cool ("Hi, I'm G. Garvin, baby..." <And I'm so damned cool...>).

          But I was pleasantly surprised to find him to be affable and knowledgeable, and he seems to be able to cook pretty well (Duh!).

          But ultimately it's just another formulaic show to fill up all that airtime. Nothing to get excited about or to seek out, at least for me. (At least until he comes back to Brooklyn...).

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            Yeah, I have to say that all these programs in which "stars" eat at restaurants and praise certain dishes don't do much for me. The programs may do something for the restaurants, that is, promote them, and I'm sure it's much easier and cheaper to produce eating shows in existing restaurants than real cooking shows in studios. Doesn't count with me.

            Speaking of, I get more and more suspicious of "The Best Thing I Ever Ate," Do all those star eaters, several to a show, actually eat at every eatery, even garages serving barbecue, and eat the very same dishes? Who chooses which dishes they eat? And their over-the-top praise recycles the same words again and again. A show like Garvin's or Guy Fieri's may not be any more "real" but it gives that impression since it's about one eater's experiences and opinions.

          2. What is the name of the show? Is it on Food Network?

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            1. re: ak08820

              Roadtrip with G. Garvin. On the Cooking Channel.