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Jun 20, 2012 05:57 AM

Two Huge Bunches of Sage

So much sage in my CSA share this week. I have a ton of recipes that use a tablespoon here, a tablespoon there. I can fry it, make a brown butter sauce, etc. etc. But I'll never use it all up. Should I just dry it, or are there recipes that call for an abundance of sage? Thanks!

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  1. You could make a smudge stick and purge your house of evil spirits: ;-)

    You could make sage pesto: I've never tried it, but it sounds interesting.

    And scroll down in that link for more ideas.

    1. I doubt whether you'll find recipes that use a lot of sage. It's something that can unpleasantly overpower unless used with care.

      Assuming pork is OK in your diet, then roasting a joint on sprigs of sage is worthwhile.

      1. I love lots of sage in roasted potatoes with olive oil, s+p. I could not get enough of this in Florence, Italy.

        1. I agree with what others said - not many recipes call for using lots of sage. I definitely suggest drying it. Keep some wrapped in a paper towel in your fridge and use that for recipes over the coming week or two, then hang the rest with string and leave it to dry for a few days.

          1. How about sage jelly? I make it and it is so good with roast chicken, duck, lamb... It requires steeping a fair amount of sage but the flavour is not strong at all.

            I also make sage and mint pesto (using almonds instead of pinenuts) with great success

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              ooh, i've never tried sage jelly, but it sounds like it could be wonderful, a savoury equivalent to mint jelly. will definitely be trying this, and the pesto as well.

              and the smudge stick idea is a good one, too -- lol, doesn't just rid the house of evil spirits, but evil smells, too! :)

              1. re: ginaatcateror

                Savory jellies are so wonderful.

                Thought of something else. You can fry the sage leaves to use on pasta and so on.