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Jun 20, 2012 05:48 AM

San francisco to yountville to Calistoga and back

My husband and i are going out to yountville and calistoga, two days in each, with a night in san francisco taking in a baseball game to start. We have one dinner confirmed at french laundry, but other then that nothing planed. We love food, both high end as well as street food and i am a huge red wine drinker. We are not interested in wineries that take you on long tours or do a lot of talking, but would love suggestions for best places to eat, window shop, and drink. suggestions?

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  1. For wine, I would avoid places that are appt only if you don't want to beholden to the winery. During the summer, it can get rather busy at the non appt only places but some suggestions that are in the area:

    Silverado Trail:
    Pine Ridge
    Cliff Lede
    Zd wines

    On the Main Drag (or ever so slightly on a side street):
    Girard in Yountville (tasting room)
    Silver Oak
    Sequoia Grove
    Beaulieu Vineyards (reserve tasting)
    Alpha Omega
    Flora Springs (tasting room)
    Hall (tasting room)
    Merryvale (tasting room)
    Beringer (reserve tasting)

    In Calistoga-ish:
    W.H. Smith (tasting room)
    Kenefick (tasting room)
    Chateau Montelena

    Restaurants/Food wise People recommend:
    Oxbow Market for produce, cheese etc.
    Oakville Grocery for sandwiches
    Morimoto's (high-end japanese/fusion)
    Redd (californian) or ReddWood (casual cousin)
    Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen
    Solbar (Calistoga)

    1. In Calistoga, we had a great dinner at JoLe, and stop at Venge Vineyards on Silverado Trail (I think by appointment only) -- taste the Scout;s Honor. It is an easy bike ride if you are staying in Calistoga.

      1. Stop at Dutch Henry. Sip and try your hand at bocce ball.
        I have seen some good reviews of Buster's BBQ but haven't been.

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          Calistogas restaurants are decent but dont get your hopes up too much JolLe is good, Solbar and Calistoga Ranch are high end, not sure if you might be staying at either one of those, food good.If your a big fan of BBQ, I would avoid Busters, nothing special and much better in Napa or SF. Although they do have a mighty hot sauce. Main street St Helena ig good for window shopping, pretty small about one block. Can do the same in Calistoga a bit less high end.The Taqueria in St Helena on highway 29 just south og Gotts Roadside (burgers) is pretty decent. I like it a lot bette than Luna in Rutherford that many locals enjoy.Theres a decent taco truck in Yountville eveyday except Sundays. Then of course there are some food trucks in Napa. The valley as a whole isn't much for street food.
          Other good restaurants between Calistoga and Napa that are very good are Meadowood, Cook, Farmstead, Mustards and Redd. Won't mention any Thomas Keller restaurants since your doing TFL.

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