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Jun 20, 2012 03:40 AM

Are we overdoing it?

We are two couples going to Paris for four days. We arrive on a Saturday and have reservations for dinner at l'Ambroisie. The next day we are scheduled for lunch at le Cinq. On Monday we are having dinner at Pierre Gagnaire. The next evening we dine at le Meurice. I know enough not to have two multi starred dining experience in a single day, but having four consecutive such experiences in four days tells me that we might be overdoing it.
My buddy is absolutely insistent on doing this, saying that he may never get back to Paris again and he wants as much of the three star experience as he can get. I wonder if doing it on four consecutive days will dull the experience

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  1. Yes it may 'dull' the experience but l would go ahead regardless. The only toughy may be the lunch after the dinner, l would make my res at L'Ambroisie earlier rather than later. Buy a bunch of bubbly water for your hotel to slosh it all around. At worst you may have to cancel Le Meurice if it all catches up with you by then.
    You are only eating one real meal a day , perhaps you eat like uhockey, who knows.

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      Think you've annointed uhockey too early, without tabulating all the votes.

    2. My husband and I can enjoy successive "haute" menus, but we only reserve dinners. I need the entire day to regenerate. But, then, I'm a 95 pound "weakling". Nevertheless, I think you have a great line up, especially if you move the one lunch to dinner.

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        If the lunch is moved to dinner, the check goes up 300-350 euros.

      2. I think we get back to something that was discussed in a recent Frenchie thread. Sometimes a visitor needs to stretch what is reasonable in order to satisfy an inner voice that will always nag if it isn't heard. If your friend doesn't visit all of these places, he will forever think back on "would'a, could'a, should'a".

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          I definitely understand the desire for all the 3 star experiences but what you'll miss is all the other "only in Paris" food experiences like enjoying the incredible patisseries, picnics of wonderful pate and cheese, and sampling things from one of the many wonderful Paris street markets. Personally, I'd want the variety of food and experiences and I'd be the one feeling the coulda, shoulda's about that.

          1. re: plafield

            I totally agree. But my Paris is not the poster's friend's Paris.

        2. To qute Lazarus Long: "Everything in excess. Moderation is for monks."

          As long as one has sobered up from a nice lunch, why not a nice dinner?

          The other point of view is of course, more than one nice meal in a week is too much. Stay home and pray for forgiveness for your sins of the flesh instead.

          I mean really what kind of a question is this? I'm going to have four nice meals in a row - should I?

          1. Sucessive three star dinners are much more manageable for me if I'm very careful about what I eat after I finish the main course. It's the cheese and pre-desert and desert and petit fours that push me over the edge. Skip those, and you'll really be consuming a moderate amount of food.