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Jun 19, 2012 11:31 PM

Picnic Sandwiches for B-day party?

I'm planning to put together picnic boxes for my daughter's 4th birthday party in July. Any suggestions for sandwiches for the adults that I can make at home that are easy to put together the morning of (or the night before) the party and will stay fresh (and not soggy) until lunchtime? Off the top of my head, I was thinking of ham and cheese on baguette but would love any creative, but not too complicated, ideas. Thanks!

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  1. What about several mufulattas? Best put together the evening before and allowed to meld. You can undoubtedly purchase the olive salad at a good market or deli, and even save that step. Rolled lavash sandwiches are another option.

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      You beat me to the muffuletta, one of the few sandwiches that gets better with age. Pan bagnat does as well, but tuna is not everyone's cup of tea.

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        Gonna say muffuletta, too. Have made it on "traditional" big round loaf. Made it on LONG crusty bread to take to a Super Bowl party... it vanished pretty quickly. Once some of insides of bread is pulled out (DO NOT toss... make bread crumbs), nice slather of GOOD olive oil to semi-waterproof bread, I just start layering stuff. Nice, ham, salami, proscuitto, provolone... whatever you like... wrap in a few layers of foil and weight down. Thinkin it could be semi-vegetarian with grilled veggies (eggplant, zukes) instead of meat in the layers?

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        +1. on mufuletta. Costo of all places sells an awesome jarred chopped olive salad stuff that I am addicted to. It's called "olive mufalata" branded That Pickle Guy.
        I also love chevre, roasted red pepper and whatever other meat and veg you like. The chevre acts as a good sealant to keep the bread from getting too soggy.
        Or French-ish--some very good cultured, salted butter and dijon mustard, hardboiled egg slices, ham (again, French style if you can get it) and sliced tomato on baguette. Or just butter, ham, brie and mustard. So simple and addictive.
        Ciabatta is my default bread for any sandwich that's made ahead.

      3. Wraps also tend to keep better than bread, as well. Just serve mayo/mustard/whatever dressing on the side.

        1. Deborah Madison in her Farmers Market book has a wonderful vegetable sandwich that is great made in advance on a large round loaf. Grilled veggies, some greens, sliced toms and a little sharp cheese on a baguette are a great make ahead combo.

          1. I used to have a job that entailed carrying lunch in a cooler. I took to enveloping wet ingredients like slaw or sliced tomato in slices of deli meat or cheese. No soggy lunches. Lay a slice of meat with half hanging over one side of the roll/bread. Top that with another slice that hangs off the other side. Now add the wet ingredient, then fold the flaps of meat over it, and proceed with completing your sandwich. Wrapping the meat that way also helps prevent dripping, especially if you've used 4 slices so there is no "open" side.

            If you use squishy ingredients but want to slice the sandwich, before assembling, slice the top piece of bread or roll. After it's assembled, you'll be able to complete the cut without forcing the filling out the sides. I had a "duh!" moment when I read that somewhere but take comfort in the discovery that I'm far from the only person not to have figured that out on my own.

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              Put me down for a "duh" moment as well! Love that tip.

            2. Pain bagnat would work, too. The sandwiches are supposed to be made in advance to allow the flavors to meld.