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Jun 19, 2012 10:13 PM

Save me from McDonald's!

We'll be spending one night at the Ramada Inn near the FLL airport, Google earth maps aren't showing much promise, there ANYthing decent in the cheap-taxi ride radius for dinner?

We're not looking fancy, only clean, decent food served by folks that are glad you came to spend a buck with them tonight.

Cuisine isn't even that big of a deal, Latin, Chinese, American Pub...we're open for one dinner and a breakfast.

And, barring anything of note, can you steer me to a great delivery that would help me out?

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  1. Runway 84 is a sorta upscale red-sauce Italian joint, near your motel. Food's good, ambiance is . . . boisterous. Little on the expensive side, but lotsa food for your money. Make a reservation!

    El Tamarindo Cafe has good Salvadoran food -- which you probably won't find where you're from. Friendly people, good food, reasonable prices.

    Lester's Diner, a classic 24-hour diner, has the usual suspects for breakfast, done well and cheaply. (You'll want the Fort Lauderdale location!)

    1. The frequent reco's for FLL airport area also include:

      Market 17 - Farm to Table, not cheap, recently changes in kitchen
      Rustic Inn
      Southport Raw Bar
      Tom Jenkins BBQ

      1. For great pizza, wings, etc Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza (owned by the "Runway" people) is a great choice, right down the street from the airport....Excellent food and very casual.

        1. I'll second Lester's Diner. It is a truck stop, keep that in mind, and nothing fancy, but you get decent food at great prices. AND LOTS OF IT! yummy pies :) And individual jukeboxes at your table.

          1. Oh, and Lester's is open 24 hours, which helps.