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Jun 19, 2012 09:39 PM

fish on a Friday in Cleveland?

Where would you go for a fish or shellfish dinner in Cleveland? I'd prefer cooked fish/shellfish to raw fish/shellfish. I'm open to any location in the Cleveland area, any price point and any type of cuisine.

So far, I've got Lola, Blue Point Grille, Dante and Mallorca on my list as possible restaurants.




Thanks for any suggestions. ;-)

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  1. Mallorca = stuffy, overpriced, very, very long dining experience and not worth it in any aspect. JMO of course.

    I would add Parallax to that list, they are in the Tremont neighborhood and seem an obvious add to this list. Better than Blue Point IMO. http://parallaxtremont.com/

    Lola and Dante are also very good choices.

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        My number one seafood restaurant in town is Pier W. The view is phenomenal but I think the food is actually very good. It is pricey though and is not a "fish fry" kind of place, definitely more of a special occasion restaurant.

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          Thanks, kathrynanne. Pier W looks like a nice place.

    1. Parallax. Hands down.

      Blue Point Grille is a good option for downtown; the others on your list are not known for their fish dishes.

      The suggestion of PierW is good for the view, and a lot of people love it. For me though Parallax wins every single time. While he serves sushi, I don't eat that but have had some amazing cooked fish dishes there.

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        Thanks for your comments, gourmanda.