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Jun 19, 2012 09:17 PM

DNA Restaurant is closed?

I just got an e-mail tonight canceling my reservation at DNA for Saturday night. I made the reservation thorough OpenTable a while back.

I called the restaurant but I only got a message. I couldn't make it out because the person was speaking French way too fast for me to understand it. I left a message but nobody has called yet. I also sent an e-mail to OpenTable to find out what was going on.

I found this article online.

Is it true? Have they closed?

This was supposed to be the last meal of my trip to Montreal and we were really looking forward to it. Now I'm scrambling for a last-minute back-up. I made a reservation at L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel. Hope it's good. Hard to get into any of the places I want at this late hour.

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  1. Yes, happened 2-3 weeks ago.

    1. Try 400 Coups, Bouillon Bilk, Club Chasse et Peche, Kitchen Galerie or Lawrence, and if you can eat late it should be no problem.

      1. I would skip L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel and try to reserve somewhere mentioned by Eaterbob. The food is only so-so and very expensive. It's supposed to be a great restaurant, but in my experience, it's just more ostentatious Old Montreal BS.

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        1. re: SnackHappy

          I already have a reservation at Les 400 Coups for Friday night. And we're going to Lawrence for brunch on Sunday.

          I really wanted the DNA experience and now it's going to be hard to get any really great places. I was considering Joe Beef and La Filet as well as one of the Chuck Hughes places as alternates when I was making the reservations a month or so ago. Now it's too late to get into those places.

          I'm trying to book through OpenTable for convenience - the places that don't have an online reservation system require more work - long distance phone calls, trying to listen to messages in French that are too fast for me to comprehend etc.

          I was thinking of trying to call Salle a Manger when I get a chance but I don't have much hope...

          1. re: chefhound

            man you can afford to eat exquisite food but not $2 worth of long distance?

            1. re: catroast

              it's not the money, it's the extra work - online is so much easier. And my French is not good enough to understand the messages. I'm ok if I talk to a person but the recorded messages are too fast. And since we're leaving tomorrow, I can't spare the time to play telephone tag.

              1. re: chefhound

                well you might luck into a cancellation or a bar seat if you call. might as well try. if you get a recording then move on...

            2. re: chefhound

              you should not have any issue getting a reservation at La Salle à Manger; just call when you get here.

              1. re: Maximilien

                You were right! I called and got an 8:30 reservation for Saturday. I'm surprised. I would have thought it would be hard to get in on a Saturday night at the last minute. Thanks Maximillen!

                1. re: chefhound

                  It's a long weekend here, so a lot of Montrealers will be elsewhere, hence the availability of reservations.