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Jun 19, 2012 09:10 PM

BBQ Joints Near Charleston

Heading to Charleston next week for a few days. Already have places scoped out for shrimp and grits, but need recs on BBQ options. Willing to drive outside of town for a hole in the wall (they are always the best places).


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  1. Scotts in Hemingway S.C some of the best, the real deal do some research on it

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    1. re: jonathan29407

      I totally agree! It's a bit of a drive but worth it. They're only open Thur-Sat though.
      If you're up that way you might also want to check out Brown's in Kingstree and Schoolhouse in Scranton to compare and contrast. All these serve pepper vinegar based Q, which is my personal preference.

      There are some places in Charleston that serve mustard based Q and a chain in the Historic District that has Barbeque in the name, but, to me, the places out in the country that cook over wood are the real deal.

    2. Sweatman's BBQ in Holly Hill is much closer to Charleston and has been excellent when I have eaten there. However, I understand that they have, or will soon have new owners, so I'm not sure what might change.

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      1. re: carolinadawg

        Changed hands, and definitely not the same, from either a quality or quantity point of view. I'd pass. Theother three mentioned are great, IMO.

        1. re: fredb2548

          You've eaten there since the change in ownership? Is the basic setup still the same, with the exception that a small plate is non-buffet, but the large is still buffet style? Are they still cooking the pig with wood, as before?

          1. re: carolinadawg

            Yeap been there. One pass thru the buffet at $10 a pop, ribs are rationed at 1, or maybe 2, if you're lucky, and no wood anymore. Great place down the tubes.

            1. re: fredb2548

              Wow, that is really depressing. Too bad the new owners are able to keep the name.

      2. I am actually a Certified South Carolina Barbeque Judge and here is a great guide from our association website

        That said Scott's is probably my favorite but I usually get my fill at all the events!

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        1. re: LaLa

          LaLa, that is one of my life goals!

          1. re: Sue in Mt P

            You should do it Sue! They need more women judges.

          2. re: LaLa

            LaLa, I was lucky enough to eat at Scott's this past Saturday while on vacation, partly because of your endorsement. It was everything I hoped it would be and I sure hope I have a chance to eat there again some day!

            1. re: bklynite

              I am so glad you enjoyed it! I hope you get to enjoy it again someday too!

            1. re: Littleman

              I don't understand the attraction to Home Team. Most people I know who say they like it go for the live music and the food is secondary. The bbq itself is, frankly, bad. It's over-smoked, often dry, and the sides are overly salty but otherwise tasteless. I tried it a handful of times and finally gave up.

              1. re: Littleman

                Have you eaten at either Littleman?

                1. re: LaLa

                  LaLa, my guess would be no. Littleman is a very nice person who googles stuff. And he certainly enjoys the many periods. He can have them. I'm done, lol.

                  Bessinger's is fast food, and Fiery Ron's is a beach spot.