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Best fish tacos?

I will be visiting from Toronto and staying with a friend in Park Slope. One thing I always seek out in the US is fish tacos (Although nothing has come close to the taco truck in Kauai!).
Anyhow would appreciate any local recs - or in Manhattan for that matter. Thanks!

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    1. re: gfweb1

      Don't go the the Beer Garden at South St for the fish tacos, you will be disappointed, but go for the scenery and the beer.

    2. I think the fish tacos at the Brooklyn Flea are pretty good. I can't remember the name of the vendor.

      1. Had a very decent fish taco last night on the back patio at Gran Electrica in DUMBO. The taco menu changes, and they don't always have the fish, but this place is worth a stop if you're in the area.

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        1. re: jmh

          Gran Electrica is an obscene rip off. The food is OK, but way overpriced. This is street food, not worthy of $11 for 2 small tacos. The taco truck in DUMBO is way better...and $3, as it should be.

          1. re: NYJewboy

            I guess obscene rip off is in the eye of the beholder. DUMBO rents are some of the highest in the city - probably why there are so few restaurants in the neighborhood aside from the tourist lures like Grimaldi's. Trucks obviously don't have to deal with the rent issue (and don't have to provide you a place to sit and eat your tacos) so the lower prices make sense.

            The food at Gran Electrica can be hit or miss, and it's certainly not the most economical option. But the question on the table was fish tacos. I happened to like them - fresh fish battered and fried, choice of salsas, fresh corn tortilla, and a decent beer alongside. All in a quiet backyard garden. Your mileage may vary.

            1. re: jmh

              The food can be quite good, not great, it is true. The fish tacos are very well prepared. Yes. But the context bothers me more than the price, actually. Street food in minute portions presented as a pseudo-high-end urban farce is what seems obscene to me. Maybe it is just my own dislike of such things, but I'm going to the truck and not looking back.

        2. If you are willing to travel into Manhattan, I love the fish tacos at Papatzul in Soho.

          In Brooklyn, Calexico has pretty good ones. They have a location in Red Hook and one in Greenpoint.

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          1. re: hannahcampbell

            I don't know when it will open, but there is another Calexico coming to 5th Ave in Park Slope next to Bonnie's. Not a rec since I've never eaten there, but it might suit you for time and place.

            1. re: hannahcampbell

              Also in Manhattan, Baby Bo's Cantina in Murray Hill. I had them for brunch there, granted a few yrs ago. I loved their chipotle crema. I've never found a fish taco as good. (Mind you, I live in Boston, not exactly a fish taco mecca.)

            2. Why would you come to NY and then want to go out of your way for Fish tacos?

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              1. re: jason carey

                Just defending my countryman/woman... fish tacos are not something that is anywhere really in Toronto area, and even if NY isn't the first place in the US you would choose to go for fish tacos, if you like fish tacos, you are going to have way more choice and better in NY than in Toronto! Mangolassi - I understand :-)

              2. Thanks for the tips and defense :) - Didn't know that asking about a simple fish taco would create any drama.

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                1. re: mangolassi

                  The drama is because the fish tacos in NY are amateur hour nightmares

                  1. re: AubWah

                    The fish tacos at rockaway taco are great.

                    1. re: jon

                      They would be a lot better if they were not made withthat vile tilapia fish

                      1. re: jason carey

                        just curious, what fish should a fish taco be made with? Ive never had a fish taco so never caught the magic.

                        1. re: jen kalb

                          red snapper or something comparable, not garbage chinese farm raised ticrapia

                          1. re: AubWah

                            LOL ... 'ticrapia' ... toilet water fish.

                          2. re: jen kalb

                            Jen, same here. I have seen a fish taco pic that looked
                            incredibly good though. It was a 1" x 1" fillet of something (maybe scrod?) that was coated in a batter, deep fried, and THEN placed into a tortilla. I like the deep-fried-batter approach because I think it's less messy when it comes to eating it. Also, let's not forget that the deep fry probably lends a nice flavor too. I would guess that regular fish tacos usually use just "flaked" fish of some kind.

                            1. re: Cheese Boy

                              While I'm no fan of tilapia and don't use it in my fish tacos and have actually never partaken of the fish tacos at Rockaway tacos, I would suggest you try them there, as I believe that sun and sand contribute a lot to the fish taco experience, not to mention that, as a visitor to NYC, a little daytrip to the Rockaways wouldn't be a bad choice of outing.

                            2. re: jen kalb

                              when i cook them, i usually use fluke. there's a great recipe from sam sifton (care of dave pasternack) in the ny times magazine from a few years back.

                              1. re: jon

                                my husband likes the ones from nixtamal, I don't: they don't have tilapia in them, but call them, they don't always have them, http://feistyfoodie.com/2011/06/14/to...


                                however, a venture out to corona to the science museum is nice, the emapanda place is great,--although tiny, 2 tables only--but it moves fairly quickly..--http://www.empanadascafe.com/

                                hitting up Mama's in corona, emapanda place, and tortilla nixtamal is good, timmy's frozen custard which was great is no longer there, but there are people who like the lemon ice king, (not me too much)..

                                also, sometimes demole has fish taco specials with mahi mahi, but call ahead and ask--their shrimp tacos are excellent, I get them all the time, they aren't on the menu but they make them--