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Jun 19, 2012 07:05 PM

Tucson- food truck reports?

Tucson is so spread out, and food trucks, by virtue of being trucks, are mobile, so I wondered if some hounds would help a sista out by posting about their favorite local food trucks- the name, where they locate themselves, what they offer, what they do best, etc. I know they have a site, it's (sorry) something like, but I don't know if the original "legacy" taco trucks are a part of that, and I want to know about as many as possible.
FWIW, my husband's favorite taco truck is the one that's across the street from the Los reales landfill, so we're not snobs.

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  1. We've been going to the food truck roundups - that way we can pick the food style that appeals to us at that moment.

    On the web at or you can 'like' them on FB

    1. There is a handful of food truck websites covering the Tucson area. Here are the two main ones:.

      Tucson Food Trucks
      Note: Site owned by a marketing agency and event organizer.

      Tucson Food Truck Roundup
      Note:Site owned by Dinnerware Artspace, which organizes events with food trucks.

      The majority of Tucson hot dog carts have permanent locations and do not participate in the round-ups. One hot dog cart, Robdogs participates in the large events.

      To find out about the trucks, read Food Truck Diaries in the Tucson Weekly by Adam Borowitz.

      For the most extensive round-up of food truck social media links for the Tucson Arizona area, browse these two lists:

      Finally, to keep track of these trucks on the go, download the Eat St. app for iPhone or check out this site

      Kim M. Bayne, Four Corners/USA SW Correspondent #Arizona #Colorado #NewMexico #Utah for @EatStTweet Blog on @FoodNetworkCA

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