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Jun 19, 2012 06:24 PM

salads/healthy options

Meeting a friend for dinner tomorrow and she has requested an inexpensive place with salads and healthy options. I'm kind of stumped because I rarely order salads as an entree in restaurants. I also love Italian food and she does not. Maybe Asian, American or Mediterranean? Westville East any good? I think we want to keep it under $20ish for food each and within a 10 block radius of Union Square. Thanks!

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  1. Sobakoh...hits on every level. may be a bit beyond ten blocks, but not by much.

    1. Westville would definitely work. And if she loves vegetables, the market sides (daily specials) menu at Westville would probably make her very happy.

      1. Zabb Elee. Salads, yum, and larb are perhaps the best things you can get there. Just slightly further than your radius, though.

        1. Westville East is great for healthy/cheap options (not great salads but healthy food otherwise) there's a great salad at the Coffeeshop in Union Sq.
          great salads to-go from Chop't that you could eat in the park
          Angelica Kitchen in the E. Vill (13th st.) for healthy/cheap food