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Jun 19, 2012 05:58 PM

Copa Europa - 28 July

Hi Everyone - The Euro Semi finals is the 28th of July at 20:45 and because we're hugh football fans, we can't miss the semis for dinner. We're thinking we'll need to be somewhere to watch by 20:00 because everywhere will be packed early for the game. Do you know of any good restaurants that open for dinner by 19:00? Otherwise, we'll need to eat after the match and that won't be until 23:00.. if you have suggestions please share..


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      1. re: jessicablock

        you might look for a good winebar if you want to eat something ahead of this game. I suppose its possible that some informal restaurants or pizzerie would be showing the game - maybe Osteria dell'angelo in Prati ?

        1. re: jessicablock

          winebars are open at the early hour you are seeking - here's one for example (I havent visited) that might interest you. http://www.enotecaprovinciaromana.it/...

          I suppose some informal restaurants or pizzerie may also have their televisions on for the game - Osteria dell'Angelo is one throught I had.

          hopefully some of the romans can suggest an early eating destination to you - but 7:30 let alone 7 is early for a roman restaurant.

          1. re: jen kalb

            hey jen - no worries.. i made a reso at armando al pantheon b/c they happen to open at 7.. Theres a pub down the street so we can watch there. I wasn't expecting to find a place that would show it.. just wanted to find a place that opened at 7 so we could be done by 8 to watch the match. Thanks :)

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              glad you worked it out - I like Armando a great deal tho Ive not eaten dinner there. stick with their roman specialties (the lamb, the pastas,etc, and we also liked the specialties purportedly from apicius) and you will do ok. the menu is huge and not everything is flawless IMO - I did not care for the saffron flavored pasta and veg soup my then vegan daughter ordered on one vist..

              Looking forward to your report back on this trip

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                good tip, thank you. yeah, the menu is huge... we were looking for somewhere with Roman dishes so figured this would be ok. In case you wanted to know of other places that open on the earlier side.. La Campana opens at 730.

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                    yes june 28, obviously it was a typo! I had updated that in a subsequent string but somehow the string got deleted.