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Jun 19, 2012 05:50 PM

Best cut at Ray's the Steaks

It's been a little while since we last were at Ray's the Steaks. Going this Friday. I know we can't go wrong, but do any frequent diners have any recommendations on specific steaks/toppings/sauces?


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  1. I love the heart of the rib eye with the wild mushroom bordelaise sauce. Not too big, tender but still flavorful.

    And don't forget to get the bisque!!

    1. I would start with any of the dry-aged cuts - they vary from night to night. After that, either the callette or the hanger steak.

      I usually skip the sauces because the mean is so darned tasty!

      1. I think this is really a personal preference issue. I happen to prefer the l'onglet (hangar steak) or the
        Brazilian picana. Most of my friends hate l'onglet. So I think you need to know the characteristics of the various cuts of beef and generally, whether you prefer flavor or tenderness.

        I haven't tried the dry-aged steaks yet and I agree with DanielK - the sauces are a distraction to me. I have been meaning to try the callette but it isn't on the regular menu and I always forget to ask.