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Jun 19, 2012 05:17 PM

July 2012 Cookbook of the Month Winner: Fish Without a Doubt!

The Cookbook of the Month for July 2012 will be:
FISH WITHOUT A DOUBT, by Rick Moonen and Roy Finamore
This will be a revisit of the March 2009 COTM

Fish Without a Doubt won the race by a wide margin.

On July 1st I will be posting the individual threads for reporting your experiences cooking from Fish Without a Doubt. These will be links to the original March 2009 threads. In the meantime, you can use this announcement thread for general discussion about the book.

If you are curious about the selection process, and the accompanying discussion, the voting thread is here:
and the nomination thread is here:

If you've never participated in the Cookbook of the Month discussion, we hope you'll give us a try in July. We have a lot of fun, and we learn from each other's experiences. The basics of COTM, and the archive of past books, can be found here:

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  1. Thank you LN, I am looking forward to reading all of the previous COTM March 2009
    "Fish Without A Doubt" postings beginning at

    Ah hah! Previous. meaning I just read one or two posted a few days ago!

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    1. re: Rella

      Thanks Rella. I debated about including that link, but I thought it was a bit early. I fear that when we start nominating and voting, people get distracted from the current COTM! So let no one forget it's still June!

      I'm in line for Fish Without a Doubt at the library, and hoping I will be able to participate more than I have recently. I've been working so much, I've barely done any cooking at all, but I certainly have not lost enthusiasm for the COTM.

      1. re: L.Nightshade

        I got a copy at the library, went to the fish market, took pics of all the fish and their prices, but will compare the pics and their names to the recipes in the book, but for some reason I don't think there are many that comparisons.

        Just thinking about cooking is so good for the soul, the thoughts are generally never worrisome. Take care of your health while you are working so much.

        1. re: Rella

          Interesting. The fish suggestions in Fish Without A Doubt break down into pretty distinct categories. White, low fat fish, small and medium fatty fish, large non-fatty fish steaks, and of course shellfish.

          If the fish available to you doesn't appear as the alternates of the book, consider asking your fishmonger to give you the four to five word description of what you are buying. And then match those characteristics to the recipes. And you are part of the COTM! We will help you determine what listed fish is similar so you can select your evening's dinner recipe.

          1. re: smtucker

            Thanks! I just got through reading the first introductory 75 pages, so I'm getting a picture now regarding the layout of the book.

            The easiest for me to get more familiar with is the 'poaching' section. I have a ss steamer I bought in 1975 that's maybe been used once for fish and several times for asparagus. When I saw the poaching section, I hurriedly ran to the storage, all the way chanting, I sure hope I didn't give that away :-))

            This is where COTM is so helpful - I wouldn't have imagined I'd ever crack this book.

          2. re: Rella

            Yes, comparing, I do see now that this one market has many fish that is listed in the index:
            Black Seabass, Rock Hybrid, Rockfish Wild, Blue Crab, Bonita, Boston Mackerel, Butterfish, Blue fish, Catfish, Flounder, Lane and Pink Snapper and another snapper, Mullet, Porgy, Red Grouper, Whole Ugly-looking squid, Tilapia,Whiting, Yellow Tail (which might be yellow fin?) and
            Not listed in the book except as "Our Overfished Ocean: SHARK!

      2. Big thanks LN, nothing but admiration for you!

        1. BRAVA, LN! This was a tough one:)

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          1. re: herby

            Thanks LN, I am looking forward to having an excuse to splurge on lobster, clams and other sea-delights next month.

            1. re: pikawicca

              Me too!

              I just looked at the COTMs this year and only two months so far have been "hits" for me - Feb and May, Japanese and Spanish. Both were two-book months that I do not enjoy as much as a single book month, so that took away somewhat but mainly in May since I did not like Moro at all but loved both Japanese books.

              1. re: herby

                I am looking forward to enjoying cooking from this book.
                My copy of book is on the way - hope it gets to Florida b4 July 1-
                Down here there is a great place to purchase fish/shellfish-
                they have been selling to public and will soon be opening a retail shop
                2046 McKinley Street
                Hollywood, Florida

            2. Thanks, LN. Another star goes on your page... I'm not surprised FWAD won as it's a wonderful book. Not just for the seafood recipes alone but for all the sauces, complex butters, and side dishes that are very good too. It will be a very tasty July to be sure. August and September are when the full bounty of local farm produce comes into fruition here so it will be fun to reap the bounty of the sea. And all you "Inlanders" don't feel left out... frozen fish is very bit as good as fresh.

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              1. re: Gio

                Thanks to both LN and Gio (for being my proxy). I love this book and look forward to cooking from it again (sometimes I need a push or reminder).