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Jun 19, 2012 04:58 PM

I'm Quitting Hell's Kitchen, Anyone Else?

So far, I've watched every season, frequently cringing, but still watching. I can't do it anymore. These contestants are such incompetent trailer trash I just can't take it anymore.

Plus, the formula is so obvious. Start with a group of questionably competent cooks who have no idea about how to work in a brigade; humiliate them in that milieu, and then watch as some of them slowly come together.

At the end, you end up with two highly talented competitors who cook beautiful food who must have been in hiding until the finale. What a joke. Except I guess the joke was on me because I've been watching until now....

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  1. They're smart to schedule it when there is no other first run programming. And it is beyond repetitive. I'm only watching between innings and that's enough

    1. Do you want some affirmation or what?

      1. I quit it after the first few shows in season 1.

        1. I quit it three years ago but DH still watches it, so I'm stuck... I read my book and try to ignore all the back-biting, sniping, and unprofessionalism on the screen.

          1. If a new season is on, I guess I have too!

            I'm catching up on several seasons of Chopped, which I find very entertaining.

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                I watched one last night that featured one chef (the winner) who suffered from severe depression, one who had had a massive aneurysm and a huge surgical scar on his head, one who suffered from some sort of nerve damage and could barely use one hand, and one who had been adopted at birth and has been fighting hard her whole life (the runner up). Really good show and the winner and runner up produced excellent dishes. Also, my family will be in Portland next month and will be trying the runner-up's cafe (158 Pickett Street Cafe).

                This was the sardine/yak steak/mangosteen/mandarinquat episode. All hail the DVR!

                1. re: jbsiegel

                  I love Chopped too! And I actually learn alot about different foods watching it.

                  I have given up on HK as I am tired of the screaming, the burned or raw risotto/scallops/beef Wellington, and the incompetent people who dare to call themselves a cook let alone a chef!