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Jun 19, 2012 04:54 PM

bought a little too much zucchini

Make that a lot too much. But it was gorgeous, just gorgeous, and I couldn't not buy it!
Ideas? Thanks!

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  1. First thing that comes to mind in this weather is to pickle them.....refreshing!

    1. Shave it raw and make a gorgeous salad out of it and shaved asparagus, shaved Parmesan, toasted pine nuts and goat cheese and a lemon vinaigrette. Top with fresh mint.

      Shave it and a few carrots and gently sautee with butter and garlic. Toss as you would pasta.

      Grill and serve with goat cheese and fried capers.

      1. There are recipes for pureed zucchini soup (although I have yet to try one) that look as if they could take care of a large quantity . . .

        1. Zucchini boats: scoop out seeds, fill with cream cheese, top with tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella, and fresh parsley. Bake until zucchini and cream cheese are softened.

          1. I made a pasta with zucchini ,mint , onions a bit of lemon zest , and capers...I think I sauteed the onions, and zukes, added the rest as I plated it. It was really good, tasted very fresh...

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              Zucchini added to the pasta or zucchini AS the pasta?